5 Top Tips to Keep Your Outlook Inbox Clean

If used Outlook for many years, you must have received a myriad of emails. Thus it is essential to know how to keep your Outlook Inbox clean.

I’ve heard quantities of complaints from my friends about their permanently mussy email Inbox. To keep it clean, they have cleared up it at regular intervals. I have to admit that making a periodical clean is a good habit. But if we’ve done daily sweep well, we needn’t spend superfluous time on post processing.

Outlook Inbox

1. Don’t Make Inbox Complicated

First of all, everyone must comprehend that too much different folders existing in Inbox is not a good phenomenon. In general, many people prefer to create assorted folders in Inbox, and position relevant emails in corresponding folders. Just imagine it. Every time open Outlook Inbox, you will see many folders, and always be required to consider where desire emails locate. Therefore, keeping Inbox simple is a preferable choice.

2. Archive Your Expired Emails Regularly

In addition, you should archive those unwanted or expired emails on a regular basis. Making flexible use of Outlook Auto-Archive is highly suggested. You can enable this function in “Mail Options”. Also, you can find it in “Properties” by right clicking Inbox folder. If you dislike applying Auto-Archive, you can utilize external drives to make backups as well.

3. Utilize Effectual Rules and Filters

As we all know, all email clients allow users to create rules and set filters. Thus you can employ all kinds of rules to make your Inbox emails organized in order. For example, create a rule to block emails from black list, such that you will never see spam in Inbox. Moreover, a rule which forces Outlook to delete all sorts of reports is a good instance, too.

4. Be Brave to Move or Delete Emails

In case of mistakes, some people are inclined to saving emails tentatively, and plan to deal with them later. Virtually, you needn’t fear to move or delete received emails. The deleted emails will be moved to Deleted Items, so that you can also restore them with ease.

5. Never Replay to Junk Emails

Nowadays, we may receive a myriad of spams. What you should do is to neglect it, and don’t reply it. As long as you reply it, the spammer will know you’re your email address is valid, and will continue attacking your Inbox.

What Can You Do in Case Of Outlook Data Loss

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