5 Top Hard Drive Killers You Must Beware of

The overwhelming majority of computer users have suffered desperate data loss due to hard drive failures. Actually, keeping vigilant against the common hard drive killers can save us from the headache of a hard drive failure.

Hard drive failure indicates that the drive cannot function properly and we can’t access the data residing in it any longer. As usual, people will keep a consistent and up-to-date data backup, which indeed help a lot in avoiding data loss and a successful data recovery. For instance, backing up PST files will contribute a lot to corrupt Outlook PST recovery. But rather than taking relief measures after hard drive failures, it would be better to take effective precautions in advance. There is no doubt that being aware of the hard drive killers must be the first and vital step to take the most accurate precautions. Now read on to get them in depth.

Hard Drive Killers

1. Overheats

One of the most common harms to a hard drive originates from overheat, namely the rising temperature. On average, insufficient cooling and ventilation can result in excessive heats in and around the drive, and then render drive damaged. Also, if a hard drive gets overworked with little or no break, the internal hardware will overheat as well. Besides, other external issues, like putting the drive close to a space heater or fire, should also be included.

2. Physical Damages

When it comes to hard drive killers, we will definitely think of physical damages, like bumping, dropping, or knocking, etc. For example, if you accidentally drop a drive when it is in use, the drive heads will be able to get direct contact with the platter, where the data resides. At that point, the platter may be scrapped. This is one outcome of physical damages, known as a head crash. Apparently, this kind of damage is considerably severe.

3. Power Surges

In general, power surges can be incurred by extreme weather, such as lightning strikes alike. It refers to an occurrence which will suddenly interrupt the flow of power to the equipment and return the power within seconds and even faster. In this crisis, the burst of power will lead to an abrupt failure in the drive heads that are reading or writing data. Without a doubt, the subsequent consequence after the heads failure must be lost or corrupted data.

4. Moisture

Like overheats, moisture is also a significant factor in hard drive failures. It can be caused by natural disasters, like flooding, or human mistakes, such as spilling a liquid onto the hard drive. Everyone, even computer novices, must have known that hard drive has no barriers against water. It means that water can penetrate into the hard drive with ease. Therefore, moisture can easily make damages on the hard drive components and electrical connections.

5. Human Errors

Last but not least hard drive killer comes from human errors, which often include artificial inaccurate modifications on system files, accidental deleting critical files, improper installing programs and removing files from the drive storage and so on. All the human errors mentioned above can result in hard drive failures.

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