5 Tips to Secure MS Access Line of Business Applications related to Accounting

We have come up with 5 Practical tips that need to be enforced if we use MS Access for Line of Business Application related to Accounting – especially in a small business scenario

Across several small and medium businesses, MS Access is used for running default line of business accounting applications. These can range from basic bookkeeping software to more complex invoicing and complete financial applications. While creating such applications in Access is quite easy as compared to using any other tool, it is critical that you secure such applications against security threats. Please follow the 5 practical tips listed below to achieve this end5 Tips For Securing MS Access Line Of Business Applications Related To Accounting Application

  1. Split the Access database running the financial application

Essentially the application you are running can be split into two complementing parts. The front end which hosts the interface and the backend which contains the relationships and core repository. By splitting the database you would avoid giving access to end users from tinkering with relationships and integrity features present in the backend.

  1. Compulsorily protect the database with passwords

Protect The Database With PasswordsEnsure you implement strong passwords for accessing the financial application. Ideally, passwords should be long and contain a mix of characters in different cases, numbers and special characters too. To enforce passwords in MS Access please follow the steps listed below

  • a)      Launch the Access database in the Exclusive mode. This can be achieved by opting for the open exclusive option.
  • b)      Next, choose Security which comes under the Tools menu.
  • c)      Now you will be required to enter the password. Next click OK to complete the process.
  1. Consider Converting the Front End database into accde format

Essentially this allows you to make the front end executable. It essentially stops users from modifying application objects and making changes to the application design

  1. Do not choose the Compact on close option

When we choose the compact on close option, there are chances of temporary copies of Access database getting created and remaining in the system.   This presents a grave risk especially in case of financial applications as this files can be accessed by anyone who has access to the system

  1. Consider applying system passwords on both machines hosting the backend and all front end machines

A key flaw in many offices is the tendency of individuals to access any desktop at random, just because the systems are not password protected. Make it a mandate to keep every terminal that runs the financial application to be protected by a strong password

Invest in a failsafe

While the steps listed above are designed to help you protect the financial application from malicious individuals; protecting data requires ongoing effort. In light of ransomware attacks that are occurring with increasing frequency, it is advisable for people who are using MS Access financial application to invest in a tool that can repair mdb or accdb database files. Opt for an industry-leading program like DataNumen Access Repair and you can retrieve compromised access files without paying a ransom to hackers.

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