5 Steps to Empower Contact Folder as Address Book

If the contact folder is not an address book, it won’t display when clicking “To” or “CC” button in a new message. Just follow the 5 easy steps in this guide to solve the issue.

Someone may be perplexed about Outlook address book. In our mind, we have been capable to manage Outlook contacts expertly. We can create new contacts, groups, add and remove contacts, and so on. However, when it comes to address book, someone still have no concrete knowledge of it. The same true held for me in the past. Actually only when we click “To” button in a new message will address book work. When seeking contacts by click “To” or “CC” button, we are searching in an Outlook Address Book.

Address Book in "To" button

Therefore, if we create a contact folder, which hasn’t been enabled as an address book, we won’t be able to find the contacts contained in this folder in “To” button. In general, a contact folder is created as an address book by default. But we cannot deny some special situations. It is essential for us to know how to empower your contact folder as address book.

Empower Your Contact Folder as Address Book

  1. In “Contacts” pane, we should right click the target contacts folder.
  2. Then in the context menu, locate and select the final item, namely “Properties”.Properties of contact folder
  3. Next in the popup dialog, we should switch to the “Outlook Address Book” tab.
  4. Later we will see “Show this folder as an email Address Book” item. We should tick it. Besides, we could type a new name of the address book, which will assist us to differentiate it from a wide variety of other contact folders. What is worthy of a mention here is that changing the name only works in address book not contact folder.Show contact folder as an email Address Book
  5. Finally click “OK” to save the setting and return to Outlook.

We can try out it by creating a new message. Click “To” or “CC” button, and click the down arrow in “Address Book” field. In the drop-down list, we can locate the target one with effortless ease. Moreover, these addresses can be added to “To”, “CC” as well as “BC”. Just click one of them at first and then select specific email address.

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