5 Steps to Add Your Business Card to Signature

This article focuses on how to add business card to signature, which allows you not to spend too much time designing signature.

Signature is playing a particular significant role in message body. Not only does it reflect our own images, but also at times it stands for our company’s public impressions. If it is our personal email, a signature is not a matter of necessity. Nevertheless, provided that it’s your business email, you had better customize a signature for it. With a good signature, your business customers or partners will tend to have a better impression of both you and your company, which will increase the potentiality of successful business cooperation.

Moreover, in attempt to have your signature more formal and attractive, you will need to enter not only text, official links, but also pictures, etc. It will take a great deal of time to customize a satisfying signature. Depending on this issue, I highly suggest that you should design a more fantastic business card in advance, and then add it to signature. You can follow the steps mentioned before.Insert Business card to Signature

Add Your Business Card to Signature

  1. At the very outset, you have to customize a personalized business card. Thus first of all, you should create a contact for yourself. Then you can click “Business Card” button in “New Contact” window, which will access the “Edit Business Card” dialog. In this dialog, you are able to design diverse elements, including layout, images, font sizes, backgrounds and colors, etc.
  2. After completing your business card, you should go to “File” menu, and click “Options” item.
  3. Then in the subsequent window of “Outlook Options”, you should switch to “Mail” tab, under which you can locate and click “Signatures” button.Signature Button in Outlook Options
  4. Next in the new popup dialog, you can edit as per your preference. Click “New” button. You will be demanded to name it.
  5. Later under “Edit Signature”, you can see “Business Card” button. Click it, and then you can choose your business card in “Insert Business Card” dialog. Finally click a series of “OK” save the changes.

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