5 Resolutions to Outlook Error “An Object could not be found”

Outlook error “An Object could not be found” usually appears during sending emails. In this case, delivery process will be discontinued. Here are the 5 methods to eradicate this error.

I’ve ever encountered the situation that several emails are stuck in my Outbox. Then I open the “Outlook Send/Receive Progress” dialog, I found this Outlook error – “An Object could not be found”. After searching on Internet, I conclude 5 methods to eliminate it.Outlook Error - An Object could not be found

1. Ensure that Outlook Is Not Running in Compatibility Mode

If Outlook is running in compatibility mode, this Outlook error will absolutely occur. Thus before taking other complicated measures, we should make sure this problem.

  1. For a start, close Outlook application normally.
  2. Then head to Start Menu and enter “Outlook.exe” in the search field. You can see Outlook program shown immediately.
  3. Next right click it and select “Properties” in the popup contact menu,
  4. Later in “Outlook Properties” dialog box, switch to “Compatibility” tab.Ensure that Outlook Is Not Running in Compatibility Mode
  5. On this tab, you should verify whether “Run this program in compatibility mode for” option is selected or not. You should uncheck it.
  6. Finally click “OK” to save the changes.

2. Create a New Outlook Profile

In most situations, this error is resulted from a corrupt Outlook profile. Therefore, you need to create a new profile.

  1. To start with go to “Control Panel” and click “Mail” icon.
  2. Then in the new dialog, press “Show Profiles” button.Create a New Outlook Profile
  3. In the subsequent screen, click “Add” to create a new profile.
  4. Next you need to add your email account.
  5. After creating and adding successfully, you can restart Outlook and attempt to send emails.

3. Reconfigure SMTP Server Settings Manually

Provided SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) settings are incorrect, errors will certainly occur to email delivery process. You can head to “Account Settings” and click “Change” button to open “Internet Email Settings” dialog box. Then you should re-add relevant values. Reconfigure SMTP Server Settings

If you’ve succeeded in fixing the error “An Object could not be found” by the above 3 methods, it will be good news. However, if they all failed, there is a great chance that your PST file is corrupt severely.

4. Repair Corrupt PST File by Outlook Built-in Tool

Outlook comes loaded with an Inbox repair tool, namely Scanpst.exe, which is free of charge. You can search “Scanpst” in Windows Explorer to find it. Then launch this tool, and click “Browser” button to select the target PST file. Finally click “Start” button to repair it.Repair Corrupt PST File by Outlook Built-in Tool

5. Take Aid of Third Party Software

Unfortunately, Outlook inbox repair tool cannot be up to the task of recovering severely corrupt PST file. Hence when you find that Scanpst.exe cannot fix this error, you need to gain robust third party software, such as DataNumen Outlook Repair. Though it is developed by third party, it does have a good performance in PST recovery.

Author Introduction:

Shirley Zhang is a data recovery expert in DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including sql recovery and outlook repair software products. For more information visit www.datanumen.com

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