5 Reasons to Invest in Outlook Express Repair Tool

Find out why DataNumen Outlook Express Repair Tool is the leading recovery software for dbx and mbx files, whether you are using it for personal or commercial data recovery.

Although Microsoft discontinued active support for Outlook Express mail service, there are still tones of critical dbx and mbx files out there. These could be important business communication or client records retained to fulfill regulatory requirements. Therefore, if you are in the data recovery business, this is a market you would like to capitalize on by having the right tool for the job.

DataNumen Outlook Express Repair

While there are lots of applications for repairing and recovering corrupted Outlook Express files, this one stands out of the competition. The DataNumen Outlook Express Repair software passes as the tool of choice for recovering dbx and mbx files because of the following reasons:

1.     Proven High Success Rate

Like most applications by DataNumen, the DataNumen Outlook Express Repair tool has over ten million users around the world. It enjoys a top success rate of up to 95.3% when compared to over 15 top Outlook Express recovery tools. This makes it one of the best tools in the market.

The rating was attained after subjecting over 15 popular recovery tools to various tests and comparing their performance. The tests included recovering corrupt dbx files of varying sizes between 5MB to 1.5GB. In all test cases, DataNumen Outlook Express Repair came out on top. This shows that the application does what it’s meant to do.

2.      Affordability

The DataNumen Outlook Express Repair is affordable. The company has structured its pricing such that you pay less for more. A single-user license goes for about $50 while if someone buys 500 or more licenses, they can pay as low as $7. The company also offers discounts from time to time. So, if you are in luck, you can even get your license at a lower rate. These prices are affordable and allow businesses to maximize returns.

3.      Ease of Use

One of the big wins of this application is that it’s simple to understand and easy to use. This is because it has a few tabs that are clearly labeled according to their functions. Such a system reduces the user learning curve and allows new users to operate it just as good as an experienced expert would. Features such as compatibility with Windows Explorer and file drag-and-drop functionality extend your intuitive interaction with Windows systems. This improves your productivity, especially if you have lots of files to work on.

4.     Compatibility With Windows Operating Systems

It doesn’t matter what Windows operating system your computer is running on. DataNumen designed this software to work perfectly with all Windows operating systems, including all versions of Windows Server. If you have an old computer running on earlier versions of Windows, you install the software and recover your dbx files from corrupted storage devices. These devices could be CDROMs or floppy disks, just to mention a few.

5.     Recovery of Email Attachments

The capability of the DataNumen Outlook Express Repair tool goes beyond the recovery of the email body. It secures any files attached to the email. This is a huge win for clients as it reduces the chances of data loss substantially.

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