5 Reasons & Solutions for “Windows Backup did not complete successfully” Error

If you’re used to applying Windows inbuilt “Backup and Restore” feature to back up your computer, have you ever met “Windows Backup did not complete successfully” error? Here, this article will delve into this error message in detail.

My previous article “9 Handy Inbuilt Backup & Recovery Tools in Windows” has shared 9 backup features built into Windows. Many users are accustomed to backing up their PCs via “Backup and Restore”. But, at times, such backup may fail with an error message – “Windows Backup did not complete successfully”.

5 Reasons & Solutions for "Windows Backup did not complete successfully" Error

In fact, many factors can bring up this error message such as data damage, virus attacks, and hard drive failures and loosen connection between PC and external device, etc. Here we’ll look at this error to reveal its 5 top reasons and solutions.

1. Data Corruption

Provided that the data which you want to back up has been compromised, such as damaged Outlook data file, Windows backup may fail to back up it. In this case, you could choose to overlook this file in backup. However, if this file is pretty vital to you, you had better repair it and then re-attempt a Windows backup.

2. Virus Attacks

In addition, Windows backup may flunk due to interference of virus or malware. Therefore, after you met up with this error, you have to scan your computer with a reliable and tip-top antivirus tool to kill all the viruses. If it finds any virus-infected files, you should delete them. Later, you can re-try Windows backup.

3. Failures of Source or Target Drive

Moreover, there are chances that Windows backup failure occurs from the issues involved with your devices, internal or backup drive. For instance, if your backup hard drive is corrupt, Windows will be unable to accomplish backup successfully and throw out this error. Under this circumstance, you ought to check your disk by CHKDSK tool.

4. Disconnected Backup Drive

As we all know, in backup, you should ensure that the backup drive connects to your computer all the time tightly. If the external drive loss connection to the PC, the backup will fail definitely. Therefore, when you encounter the “Windows backup did not complete successfully” error message, you need check the cables. Also, you are better off opening Disk Management and confirming that the backup drive’s status is online.

5. Insufficient Drive Space

Last but not least, Windows failing to complete backup can take place due to the insufficient storage space of the backup drive. Most of time, it is because that too many old backups or volume shadow copies exist in the drive. In this situation, it is wise to delete useless old backups to free up space. After that, you can attempt Windows backup again.

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