5 Practical Reasons for Using SQL Server with MS Access

This article addresses top five reasons why users should always use SQL Server with MS Access.

Are you having a hard time, trying to convince your friend and colleagues to use SQL Server with MS Access then here are 5 practical reasons that will work as an ammunition to prove you right in this debate.Reasons For Using SQL Server With MS Access

1. Security

Several companies use the simple way to store customer data, which often can be a potential threat to data security. They store client data like their credit card info, address and other confidential information in an MS Access backend. Sure Access is a highly structured management system for data storage, but storing such personal information on an unsecured server can be very dangerous. By transferring such information to SQL server, users are sheeting their data against these threats. SQL integrates with an Active Directory, which has multiple security enhancements and native encryption that Access lacks.

2. Reliability

While working on an Access Backend, multiple users share and use a single data file, while assuming that everyone will work in a unified way. This however can comprise data, if there is any network issue in any of these workstations. SQL Server is more compatible for such situations; it doesn’t crash or affects the data like Access.

3. Processing Speed

There is no point arguing about computation power of both these management applications because SQL is the obvious winner here. Sure, if an MS Access database is organized properly it would store, update and retrieve data smoothly. However, with time, its size will increase which will automatically affect the processing speed of your system, whereas SQL server can be used to store as many as procedures or run queries without undergoing any performance issues.

4. Backup

Using SQL Server With MS Access Have you ever created a backup for a backend Access file? Or have you ever faced a situation where all your data was corrupted due to backup error? There are so many rules involved for creating backups for Access, while users can use SQL databases while performing backups. Not only does SQL keep your data safe from outsiders, it also protects it against file corruption.

5. Free! Free! Free! For most Basic Requirements

The SQL Express edition allows users to store and use up to 10 GB Data for free. Of course, the software is not completely free, big organizations have to purchase servers, as they require saving tons of data.

Bonus Reason

6. Save Data in the Cloud

With SQL Server users can save their data in a cloud. SQL is the only tool which allows users to operate full blown apps like Access over VPN, WAN and the Internet. Now some users will question why not just use an Access Web Series? Well if you want to take advantage of all the features available on Access, using a cloud to use or store the data on Access, won’t allow you to do that.

While you should ideally look to use MS Access in conjunction with SQL Server, in case you are using it in isolation, do invest in an mdb repair tool to keep your data safe.

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