5 Most Common Potential Risks to Cloud Data

Storing data to the cloud is almost a trend in the current era. However, in reality, it still confronts multiple risks. Hence, you cannot rest easy even though you’ve moved your data to cloud. Now, this article will expose 8 top potential risks to cloud data.

In order to access data more easily, multiple users start to move their data to the cloud. Also, so as to safeguard data against on-site disasters, users prefer to back up data to the cloud. It is indeed convenient and helpful in data protection and in avoiding difficult data recovery like Outlook repair. Notwithstanding cloud brings a lot of benefits to us, it still has some flaws in terms of data security. Now, in the followings, we will reveal 8 of them.

5 Most Common Potential Risks to Cloud Data

1. Cloud Ownership

Which kind of cloud service are you investing in, public or private cloud? In fact, a majority of users nowadays are using the public cloud which is created, provided and supported by cloud service vendor. That means the cloud is actually in the control of the vendor rather than yourself. This is one of the most obvious risks. You cannot control how and where your data is stored. What you can do is only to manage data through a local program. It refers to too much unknowns about your cloud data.

2. Data Availability

On basis of the above point, your cloud data is exactly not controlled by yourself. Under this circumstance, the data availability is a serious problem. Provided that any disasters occur to the cloud hardware or software protected by the vendors, you will find your data inaccessible. You may just get an error message telling you of the cloud sever failure. That can be quite annoying.

3. Access Authorization

Although you can create password for your own cloud account, you don’t know and cannot control the authorization of the overall cloud system of the vendor. To be specific, you don’t know who can access their cloud system, how often their staff will gain access to your data and what authorization and access mechanisms they’re using and so on. From this respect, unauthorized access can be one risk to your cloud data.

4. Data Sharing

As we all know, one attractive advantage of cloud storage tech is convenient data sharing. However, in fact, there are potential risks in terms of data sharing. If the cloud service doesn’t give priority to the security in this respect, your data will be in danger of being leaked.

5. Cyber Attack

What’s more, internet network is a key factor in cloud service. Yet, it is due to the internet that your cloud data faces more risks. In contemporary era, cybercrime becomes increasingly rampant. It’s a bit difficult to prevent them. Thus, your data stored in the cloud is also threatened.

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