5 Minutes to Create an Attractive Doughnut Chart in Your Excel

Chart in Excel can make the data and information more intuitive. In this article, we will have a brief understanding of doughnut chart in Excel.

If you want to analyze the percentage of data in Excel, the doughnut chart is a very good choice. It is in the form of a doughnut, and you can see the percentage directly from the chart.

Create a Doughnut Chart

The process of creating a doughnut chart is very easy. In the image, you can see the sales volume of each season. And you can create a doughnut chart for the data and information.An Example for Doughnut Chart

  1. Select the target area in the worksheet.
  2. Click the tab “Insert” in the ribbon.
  3. Next click “Other Charts”.Insert a Doughnut Chart
  4. And then in the drop-down menu, click the “Doughnut”. Thus, you have created a doughnut chart in Excel.The Doughnut Chart

Add Data Labels

In this part, you may follow the steps and add data labels.

  1. Right click the doughnut.
  2. And then choose “Add Data Labels” in the menu.Add Data Labels
  3. And then you will see the data in the chart. Now right click any of the data label in the chart.
  4. Next click “Format Data Labels” in the menu.Format Data Labels
  5. Then in the “Format Data Labels” window, check the label options on the right part. Here we check the “Value” and the “Percentage”.Choose Label Options
  6. Last click “Close”. Thus, the number and percentage will appear in the doughnut chart.

Data Label in Chart

Format Data Series

In addition, you can also change the appearance of the data series.

  1. Right click the doughnut chart.
  2. Then in the menu, choose the “Format Data Series”.Format Data Series
  3. And then you will see the window of “Format Data Series”. Here you can set the series options. Change the rotation if you need. And you can also adjust the explosion. What’s more, the doughnut hole size can also change in this window.Change Options

What’s more, the border size and other settings can also change according to your need.

  1. And after all the setting, close the window. And you will see the chart with a new appearance.

The New Style

Your Doughnut Chart can Hardly Survive in an Excel Crash

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