5 Main Reasons & Solutions when Computer Keeps Rebooting

It must be quite annoying if your computer keeps rebooting automatically. You will be unable to do anything with your computer in this case. Therefore, it is imperative to fix this issue as soon as possible. This article will give you a quick guide.

Let’s imagine such a case. You are editing a new Word document, before you click the “Save” button, suddenly, the computer shuts down and restarts on its own. And later it begins to experience the loop of automatic reboot. How terrible it is! Not only will the Word document you lose, but also the other data can be corrupt, such as PST corruption. But, please calm down! Here we will reveal the 5 possible reasons for this issue and introduce the relevant solutions to it.

5 Main Reasons & Solutions when Computer Keeps Rebooting

1. Hardware Failures

It’s likely that something bad occurs to the hardware connected to your computer, including the hard drive, mouse, USB external drive, keyboard, cards and so on.

In the first place, you need to run CHKDSK to scan and repair the drive errors. If this is helpless, you need to unplug all the hardware devices from motherboard and then reconnect them to other ports. After that, you can attempt to restart the PC to see if issue persists. In addition, it is suggested to update the hardware drivers, which can be accomplished in “Device Manager” on Windows computer.

2. System Issues

Aside from hardware, the system also plays a greatly important role in this issue. Hence, you need also examine whether your PC’s operating system malfunctions.

If your PC is running in Windows, you can firstly launch “Event Viewer” to check the logs of your PC issues and actual reasons. (“Event View” can be accessed by searching it in “Start Menu”.) If this issue isn’t recorded in “Event View”, you can use the inbuilt tool, System File Checker (SFC), for troubleshooting system errors. To run SFC, you need to input “SFC/SCANNOW” in “Command Prompt” window.

3. Program Problems

In addition, there is a chance that some programs installed on your PC have bugs, which lead to automatic computer restart.

To troubleshoot this cause, you should boot PC into safe mode. First, restart PC and hold down “F8” key until getting into the “Advanced boot Options”, in which you can choose “Safe Mode”. Then, in safe mode, you can launch each program at once to find out which one is the culprit.

If all programs work well, you can right click “Computer” and select “Properties”. Then in the new window, click “Advanced system settings”. In the next dialog box, turn to “Advance” tab and click “Settings” under “Startup and Recovery” label. In the last dialog box, uncheck the “Automatically startup” under “System failure”.

4. Virus/Malware Attack

Moreover, it is also possible that your computer has been infected with viruses or attacked by some malware.

In this situation, what you need to do is to kill them to your utmost. You can first restart your PC in safe mode. Then, launch the antivirus software to find and kill the viruses. After it finishes, you can reboot your system in normal mode to check if automatic rebooting persists.

5. Power Faults

Last but not least, power issues can result in this trouble as well. For instance, the sudden power surges can damage the system files, thereby leading to automatic system rebooting.

If the criminal is exactly power faults, maybe you have no choice but to replace the power cables or power supply unit. In the worse cases, if any components in motherboard are damaged, you have to replace them.

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