5 Latest Accessibility Improvements in MS Access

In this article, we give you a brief review about the latest Accessibility Improvements in MS Access.

Microsoft has been working to create a better, accessible experience for MS Access users by focusing their attention towards:

  • Allowing users to Create and consume their content while they are still inside the database.
  • Offering users with the accessibility of navigating smoothly through different applications and databases.Latest Accessibility Improvements In MS Access

Improvements in MS Access

Most of these changes are implemented with the idea of making Access friendlier for back-end users. Microsoft has also put emphasis on its users with visual impairments to help them make the most of their knowledge without feeling any form of eye strain. There are some of the changes or rather improvements made in the new Access version.

1. Table Screen Reader

Table Screen ReaderAccess has received multiple bug fixes and improvements which will allow the users to communicate easily with the user. Access is now provided with a Narrator, which is a built-in default screen reader that comes in Window. This narrator will narrate the information about data type, value, column and row to the user. Microsoft has also made sure to focus on different data type so that appropriate information is narrated to the user. This will allow users to gain a better understanding of the Table structure and the data which is stored in it.

2. F6 Keyboard Shortcut for Navigating through forms

Forms consist of different sections like footer, header, and details. Each of this section has separate controls. Access now has been improved to move from the first control to the next form section. Users just need to use the F6 keyboard shortcut to perform this operation. For example, if a user wants to move from header to the detail section of the first item, they can simply press F6.

3. Narration Improvements and Form Functionality

Most users in Access database interact using forms, considering these MS Access programmers have made improvements in keyboard functionality of the form controls. Now, most controls have been verified to interact with the Keyboard controls, which will deliver a better accessibility experience, while ensuring that only the appropriate control information is narrated by the narrator.

4. Visual Improvement and High Contrast

Users with vision impairments, like color blindness or cataract, will now be able to use Access with a more interactive and commanding way, while going through less eye strain. The company has made improvements in its design structure, which allows the user to change contract settings in the software. Plus users working on high-resolution monitors can take advantage of pixel real estate by setting their DPI setting at a higher point.

By changing these settings to a higher DPI, users will be able to work on a higher resolution, in which their display won’t shrink to a smaller size.

5. For Database Developers

Access team has also created a special design guide for developers which will help them in making their databases more accessible. This guide has been simplified so that they can be easily used by their end users. This guide offers tips and advice for helping developers to design a more accessible database storage platform.

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