5 Most Important Categories of Files You Must Backup on Your PC

It is essential to keep prepared for unexpected data disasters, such as hard drive failure. Sometimes, hard drive can break down for no reason. So the first precaution is to back up your vital files on your PC.

Although sometimes it may be possible to recover a failed hard drive, you still should keep important files and data stored somewhere else in case that the data cannot be restored. Furthermore, it is prudent enough to back up them via more than one solution. Before making backups, you should consider what files are required to be backed up. Read on to get more suggestions and references.Backup Files

1. Your Personal Files

Without a doubt, what you should backup in the first place are your personal files, including documents, photos, music files and videos, etc. Of course, if the storage space of your selected backup solution is limited, you have to filter out those files which aren’t very important.

2. Your Emails

The “Emails” here shouldn’t only encompass email messages but also incorporate various email related items, such as contacts, signatures, mail folders and so on. If you are using Outlook, more items like appointments, meetings, notes and tasks should be taken into consideration. A handy feature in Outlook, Archive, can assist you to accomplish email backups in quick time. On average, many people can forget to back up their data in Outlook. Only if disaster occurs, they will think about how to recover Outlook data. However, at times, it may be too late already.

3. Your Data on PC Desktop

To be honest, it is not suggested to store data on your computer desktop, which may slow down common operations and worsen PC performance. However, it is inevitable that you may create some files on desktop for convenient check. In this case, you have to include all the vital data on desktop in your backups.

4. Internet Browser Favorites/Bookmarkers

You may have stored a myriad of useful favorites or bookmarkers in your Internet Browser, such as some links to significant webpages. Internet Explorer calls them Favorites but some other browsers like “Firefox” calls them “Bookmarkers”. If you haven’t back up these important favorites, it will be difficult to find back them. Therefore, you should back up all the browser favorites.

5. Your Application Setting Files

If you’ve customized settings of your programs with accordance to your likes, it is wise to back up the setting files. Otherwise, just imagine that if the hard drive on your PC is about to fail, you will have to take a great deal of time to re-configure everything. Hence, you ought to find out and back up the application settings on your computer, which are usually stored in “App Data” directory.

To sum up, now that we cannot make accurate predication about data disaster, in order to prevent unanticipated data loss, it is high time to make data backups. Among all the listed above files on our computer, your personal files must be the most vital files. Do not hesitate any longer! Swing into action to back up them right now!

Author Introduction:

Shirley Zhang is a data recovery expert in DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including sql recovery and outlook repair software products. For more information visit www.datanumen.com

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