5 Handy Tips to Master Outlook Quickly

If you are a novice in Outlook, the 5 handy tips introduced in this article will helps you to get acquainted with this application in quick time. If you’re ready to make a further study about these tips, you will even be an Outlook master.

At present, Outlook has earned a myriad of accolades from users. Moreover, it is increasingly important for everyone to know how to make full use of it.

1. Create Rules to Organize Emails

Almost all email clients allow us to create various rules and filters to organize emails.Create Rules to Organize Emails

To begin with, you should click “Rules” button in “Move” ribbon. Then select “Create Rules” and click “New Rules” button in the subsequent screen. Later you can follow the instructions to specify conditions, actions and exceptions.

2. Apply Quick Parts to Insert Frequently Used Text

If you often need to enter the same text into message, I recommend you to utilize Quick Parts.Apply Quick Parts to Insert Frequently Used Text

To create quick parts, you should open a new message for a start. Then type the concrete text in message content fields. Select the text and click “Quick Parts” button under “Insert” tab. Later select the “Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery”.

3. Establish a Reminder for Important Appointments and Tasks

In our daily work, if we are perplexed with numerous appointments and tasks, we tend to forget some of them. Focusing on this issue, Outlook provides us with a resolution. That is to create reminders.Establish a Reminder in Important Appointments and Tasks

For example, in “New Appointment” window, you can absolutely see “Reminder” in “Options” ribbon. You can also set a recurring time and custom sound.

4. Utilize Conditional Formatting to Make Mailbox Colorful

Provided that you’re weary of Outlook’s uniform color, you can utilize conditional formatting to color code it.Utilize Conditional Formatting to Make Outlook Colorful

You should switch to “View” Tab firstly. Then click “View settings”. In the new dialog click “Conditional Formatting” button. Thereafter, in another popup dialog box, you can follow the relevant hints to set condition, font size and color, etc.

5. Connect Outlook with Your Social Networks

Outlook also permits you to connect to your social networks, such that you can check all update status of social networks in it.Connect Outlook with Your Social Networks

At the outset, you should ensure People Pane is turned on, which you can access to under “View” tab. Then in Reading Pane, you can click “Add” icon to connect Outlook with your social networks.

Disregarding Outlook Errors Will Cause Disaster

Despite quantities of advantages, Outlook is the same susceptible to errors as other email clients. You should attach importance to these errors. Don’t disregard them. If confronted knotty errors and even data disaster, you should resort external repair tool, such as DataNumen Outlook Repair, which can recover Outlook files within seconds.

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