5 Effective Tips to Prevent Image File Corruption

Have you suffered image file corruption? It can be quite miserable if the images are recording a lot of your valuable memory. So, this article will teach you 5 useful tips to safeguard your image files.

As what I mentioned in my previous post – “5 Most Common Symptoms of Image File Corruption”, you can learn that image file corruption is a fairly common issue for computer users. Also, when an image gets compromised, at best, it may only display appropriately but you still can access it. However, at worst, you will find it inaccessible thoroughly. In this scenario, the unique solution is to attempt image file recovery. And whether recovery will be successful or not is always unknown. Therefore, it is essential for every user to learn some effective and practical tricks to prevent image file corruption. Now, in the followings, we will reveal 5 of them.

5 Effective Tips to Prevent Image File Corruption

1. Keep Several Backups for Your Image Files

When it comes to prevent data corruption or loss, the best means is to make data backups on a periodical basis. Data backups can facilitate later data recovery, like restoring corrupt Outlook data from Outlook backups in the event of PST damage. The same is true for image files. That is to say, you should make several backups for your images and had better stored them in different physical locations.

2. Wait Image Manipulation Software to Complete Tasks

Most of time, it is image manipulation software’s fault that results in image file corruption. For instance, when you feel that your computer is taking an unusually long time to save, edit or search images, you may become so impatient to apply any key shortcuts to hard force the hanging software to shut down. In this case, the image files will be prone to corruption. So as to prevent this case, you should always wait the software to complete its tasks.

3. Equip Your Computer with Consistent Power Supply

In addition, if your PC abruptly gets powered off and shut down unexpectedly, the images file, which are being edited in this process, will tend to become damaged. Hence, you should make sure that your computer has a consistent power supply. It is suggested to invest in an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

4. Take Good Care of Your Hard Drive

What’s more, as we all know, all of computer data is stored in its hard drive. Thus, if the hard drive fails, the image files will also become compromised. In this case, it’s essential for you to keep close attention to the health of your hard drive. More specifically, if your hard drive makes clicking sounds, you should stop using it and resort to disk repair professionals as soon as possible.

5. Don’t Deal with Image Files on Your Camera

In general, the image files are produced on camera and saved on camera cards. But it is inadvisable to deal with them directly on the camera. You’d better copy them to your computer before opening or deleting them. You can check if they can open properly on your PC. Also, even though you delete them on camera, you still have a copy on your PC.

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