5 Effective Precautions to Avoid Accidental Data Loss in Cut and Paste

Have you ever encountered unexpected data loss during you transfer data via cut and paste? It is undoubtedly pretty frustrating. This article will look at this issue to teach you 5 effective precautions.

How are you accustomed to transfer your data between your computer and your removable devices, such as SD card, external hard drive or USB flash drive? Many users are used to applying “cut and paste” feature. However, in this process, data loss is prone to occur due to sudden interruption of cut paste data transfer. A lot of reasons can cause such cases, including abrupt shutdown from power outages, improper removal of external data storage devices, device failures and computer system termination, etc. In order to avoid such accidental data loss, you’d better make the following 5 precautions.

5 Effective Precautions to Avoid Accidental Data Loss in Cut and Paste

1. Make More than One Regular Data Backup

When it comes to prevent data loss, data backups will surely occur to your minds in the first place. Undoubtedly, data backup is the most effective and affordable trick. But many users still mistakenly think that one backup is enough. Actually, you are better off keeping more than one, which will help a lot when one backup fails. For instance, when you find that PST file is corrupted in one backup, you can easily get back the corrupted PST data from the other backup too.

2. Use “Copy & Paste” Instead of “Cut & Paste”

In addition, you should know the working principle of “cut and paste”, which is in reality a “copy & paste & delete” procedure. So, in this process, the original data will be deleted. If something wrong occurs in this course, paste operation may be interrupted and canceled. Then you suffer data loss. Hence, it is always suggested that you should develop a good habit of using “copy and paste” instead of the “cut & paste”.

3. Equip Device with Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

As data loss in cut and paste occurs due to sudden interruption, you should make efforts to prevent the interruption. One of the most common causes is the power outage. Hence, you can equip your device with a UPS. It can enable the device to keep working for some additional minutes. Within the extra time, you can save your files and shut down your device as soon as possible.

4. Stop All Operations as Soon as Realizing Data Loss

If unfortunately, you come across data loss in the cut and paste, you should stop all the operations on the device as soon as possible. It is fact that any operations after data loss will lead to data overwrite. Once the original data is overwritten, it is considerably difficult and even impossible to recover it.

5. Prepare a Potent Data Recovery Tool in Advance

Based on the working principle of “cut and paste” feature, data loss in this case is similar to accidental deletion. As you know, there are many data recovery tools in the market which can recover mistakenly deleted files like a breeze. Therefore, in the event of data loss in cut and paste, you can resort to data recovery tool as well. In order to get back lost data as soon as possible before data overwrite, you can prepare such a tool in advance.

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