5 Easy Tips to Recover Your Corrupted Office Files

Data corruption can happen to all of us at any time. For common computer users, corrupted Office files are the most annoying issues. From its perspective, this article will introduce 5 techniques.

When encountering Office corruption, you may rack your wits about it. Virtually sometimes, the Office program is smart enough to repair and recover the file by itself. If the built-in repair feature cannot make effects, Windows backup feature is also a wise resort. Now read on to get the quick tips to recover damaged Office files.

1. Open and Repair

As a rule, when you try to open a corrupted Office file, the Office program will attempt to repair the file automatically. Actually there is another way which you can make use of and achieve the same effects.

Open the Office program and go to “File” menu. Then click on “Open” item. In the new popup dialog box, you can browse to the destination where the corrupted file is stored and pitch on it. After that, click down arrow in “Open” button and choose “Open and Repair”. Immediately, the Office program will try to repair and open the file by itself. If file corruption is minor, this method is indeed advisable.Open and Repair the Office Files

2. Office Auto-Recover

When your Office files get corrupt because of abrupt Windows shutdown or power outage, you can make full use of Office “Auto-Recover” feature. If you’ve enabled “Auto-Recover” function, when you open the Office program, you will see a new pane on the left side, in which all the unsaved files are listed out. Or if not, you could initiate the feature manually.

Launch the according Office program and head to “File” menu. And then in the lower right corner, you could see the “Recover Unsaved Workbooks/Documents” button. Click on it, and the default folder where automatic backups are made will open.Recover Unsaved Office Files

3. Previous Versions

Few people know that Windows has automatically stored a copy for your data. Therefore, apart from the above two tricks, you could utilize Windows backup feature.

Locate the destination folder where the Office files are stored. Then right click the folder and select “Restore Previous Versions” from the context menu. Lastly, you will see a new dialog box, in which you could check if your wished files are included.Restore Previous Versions

4. Temporary Files

Actually, even if an Office file gets damaged, perhaps its temporary file has been created, which is usually positioned in the same folder where the original file is located. Also, you could undertake a manual search for “*.tmp” by system search in “Start Menu”.Search Temproray Files

For example, if you come across an Outlook crash when accessing to a PST file, there are great chances that the file will get broken as well. If you discover that a temporary file has existed, you can recover PST file with utmost ease. You can refer to another article – “How to Recover Outlook Data from Temporary Outlook Files”.

5. Third Party Repair Software

Nevertheless, if all the techniques mentioned above cannot come to your rescue, you have no choice but to continue with remarkable third party repair software. So as to choose the most appropriate and robust repair software from numerous options, you should ensure that the software has a high recovery rate. Plus, the after-sales service from the vendor can be well guaranteed. For instance, with respect to repairing Outlook file, you could resort to DataNumen Outlook Repair, which has shouldered over its rivals due to its high PST recovery rate.

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