5 Common Reasons for BKF File Corruption

The universal importance of data has led to many measures to protect and secure it. One of the most important steps people take to keep their data safe is creating a backup file, and it is always a relief when you lose your files but recover them through your backup files. This article will however focus on the threats that endanger your .bkf backup files.

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Files with the .bkf suffix are backup files contained in the Windows NT series. They are often a great help to people who have lost, corrupted or overwritten files. However, there is always the risk that even these backup files can get corrupted leaving you helpless when you lose your data. Some of the common reasons behind this are,

Attacks by computer viruses

Viruses and other malicious software cause lots of damage to computers’ file systems. If spread to the .bkf files, they may modify them leading to corruption or completely overwrite them. With new viruses flooding the internet every day, it is important to keep updating your antivirus software to safeguard your backup files.

Unprecedented system shutdown

When properly switching off a computer, it ends all the tasks running both in the foreground and the background. If there’s a sudden shutdown due to a power failure or accidental shutdown, the tasks are not ended successfully, and this might cause detrimental results. The files that were in use during the sudden shutdown could include .bkf files. These can be corrupted during the next system start up.

Interruption of the backup process

This especially happens when there is a sudden shutdown during the backup process. If there is a power outage at the exact moment when the system is extracting data from the .bkf files, it is likely that the data will either be lost completely or the .bkf files will be corrupted. It can also be caused by collision with another running application. You should therefore ensure that there is a reliable power supply when you are backing up or retrieving .bkf files.

Some catalog files could be missing

All the details of the .bkf files are contained in catalog files. These key details such as the document’s filename, location and size, determine its integrity. If one of these files is missing, the .bkf file will be corrupted and rendered useless.

Hard disk crash

Hard disk failure is one of the greatest culprits behind data loss in computers. Some of the causes of sudden hard disk crashes include:

  • Overheating of the computer
  • Corrupt files
  • Sudden power outages or improper power supply
  • Internal damage in the hard disk

A serious hard disk crash can result in loss of all your files and folders. There are some symptoms such as regular freezing and corrupt files that would indicate that your hard disk is faulty. Ensure that your hard disk is fully functional before initiating the backup process. Now that you know some the reasons that could lead to the corruption of your .bkf files, it will be easier to take preventive measures. However, if you lose the files, a reliable solution would be DataNumen BKF Repair to recover and repair corrupt .bkf files.

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