5 Most Common Reasons for Accidental Data Losses in Smartphone

Currently, almost everything has gone digital. Data isn’t restricted in computer any longer. It can be stored in other devices, including smartphone. It also means that data can be lost by more ways. This article will focus on smartphone data loss and outline its 5 causes.

In the contemporary era, data is ubiquitous. In the past, when it comes to data, we will think of desktop computer, laptop and so forth. But nowadays, there are more and more mobile data storage devices springing up, such as smartphone. Without a doubt, your smartphone must contain a myriad of your private data.Data Losses in Smartphone

You must have known that data corruption or loss can occur to your computer at any times, such as abrupt Outlook data corruption, unexpected Word file damage and so on. In reality, the same holds true for smartphone. Data losses can happen to your smartphone with equal ease. Therefore, it is also vitally important to pay close attention to the data on your smartphone. The first step to protect it from loss is to figure out the real risks. Here are 5 of them.

1. Human Errors

Believe it or not, human error is the most common risk for smartphone data. No one can boast that they can never make mistakes. Therefore, accidental deleting, misplacing or other mistakes can take place from time to time when we deal with our data. For example, you intend to remove an item from your phone, but select another one in error when deleting. In this case, you will loss the data which may be pretty valuable to you. This kind of occurrence is very common in smartphone data losses.

2. Rooting or Upgrading Failures

Many users prefer to root their phones to get complete control of the device. And most of them are also enthusiastic about upgrading the phone operating system to the latest. Unfortunately, no matter rooting or upgrading, both of them cannot get rid of failures. In other words, they can get failed halfway in the process. The consequences must beta loss. Also, even if the process is finished in success, your data still may be erased. Therefore, it is not a good idea to root or upgrade your smartphone operating system without any backups.

3. Mechanical Damages

Like other electronic devices, smartphone can be broken readily, too. And due to its portability, we always carry it with ourselves. Hence, it can frequently suffer drop, bump, jostle or shake. Furthermore, water, fire or other types of harms can destroy the smartphone with effortless ease. Over time, it would fail to work due to these mechanical damages. And in the meantime, internal data would go away with it. So please keep taking good care of your phone all the time.

4. Being Stolen or Hacked

Theft is becoming increasingly rampant. Your smartphone may get stolen at any times, such as during taking a bus, having a meal in a restaurant and other public places. Once your phone gets stolen, of course your data will give you farewell. In addition, the other same type of risk is malicious attacks online. Virus, worm and malware can lead to accidental smartphone data loss, too.

5. Replacing Phone Battery

You may be confused about this risk – replacing battery. To be honest, sometimes it can equally lead to phone data loss. In some instances, it will bring your phone back to its factory settings. That is to say, it will be required to start from scratch. All data will vanish. Although this occurrence can seldom happen, you had better keep vigilant against it. What’s more, you ought to ensure an up-to-date backup in place before replacing battery.

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