5 Best Websites for Excel Tutorials

In this article, we find and categorize the best 5 online resources for Excel tutorials.

This article is part of a list of more than 180 best Excel resources, in 16 categories. Besides, you can find other great resources at 184 Best Excel Resources on Internet.


This is a list of top online resources for Excel tutorials. Just read, comment, share or bookmark it as you like.

  1. Excel-Easy.com

Rating: ★★★★★

Total: 349 articles with 6 sections


  • There are also 6 parts in this website
  • Besides, there are 300 examples of Excel


  1. GCFGlobal.org

Rating: ★★★★

Total: 196 free tutorials with 8 sections


  • Also provides different sections for different Excel versions
  • Also provides quiz in each part


  1. Microsoft Excel Support

Rating: ★★★½

Total: 151 articles in 4 categories


  • This is also the official website of Microsoft
  • The tutorials also include different Excel versions
  • you can also learn the most primitive usage of Excel


  1. ImproveYourExcel.com

Rating: ★★★

Total: 128 free articles in 25 categories


  • The tutorials are also in the form of videos
  • 25 detailed categories are also presented


  1. Free-Training-Tutorial.com

Rating: ★★★

Total: 20 free tutorials with 3 sections


  • Each article also contains a silent video
  • Each article also contains a downloadable sample file


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