4 Ways to Save Your Ink by Printing Word Document without Images and Shapes

This article is aimed to demonstrate you 4 different ways to print Word documents with images or shapes excluded.

In many cases, we will insert quite a number of images and shapes while creating our Word files, so they can be more reader-friendly and easy to understand. This is absolutely an important practice to follow. Yet somehow, we want these pictures, shapes, text boxes show on screen only, for there is no need to print them together with texts.

Considering saving you much ink, we here present you 4 methods to skip images and shapes while printing.

Not to Print Drawings Created in Word

For instance, we have an example of a Word file with a rectangle shape and a text box, such as below:        Document with Shape and Text Box

To prevent Word from printing these shapes and text boxes, you need to follow the bellowing steps:

  1. First and foremost, click “File” tab.
  2. Then click “Options”.Click "File" ->Click "Options"
  3. Now in the “Word options” dialog box open, you click “Display” first.
  4. Next, uncheck “Print drawings created in Word” box.
  5. Lastly, click “OK” to save the modification.Click "Display" ->Uncheck "Print drawings created in word" Box ->Click "OK"

Now if you switch to background view, you can see no text box or shape in print preview.Effect of Not Printing Text Box or Shape

Not to Print Images in Word Documents

In spite of the excellent effect of not printing text boxes or shapes, this method cannot be employed to prevent a picture from printing. To address this issue, there are 3 solutions. You can take one to solve your problem accordingly.

Method 1: Insert a Text Box or a Shape

  1. To begin with, you have to set the text wrapping style of pictures in your Word document. That is to right click on the picture.
  2. Then choose “Size and Position” option on the list-menu.Right Click on Picture ->Choose "Size and Position"
  3. Next, in “Layout” dialog box, click “Text Wrapping” first.
  4. Then choose any style of wrapping but “In line with text”.
  5. Then click “OK”.Click "Text Wrapping" ->Choose any Style of Wrapping but "In line with text" ->Click "OK"
  6. Next, click “Insert”.
  7. And click either “Shapes” or “Text Box” to get a shape or a text box.Click "Insert" ->Click "Shapes" or "Text Box" to Either Get a Shape or Text Box
  8. Drag the picture into the text box or shape.Drag Picture into Text Box
  9. Then you have to repeat the steps in “Not to Print Drawings Created in Word”.

Method 2: Use Selection Pane to Hide Pictures

  1. At beginning, to use this method, you have to make sure the text wrapping style of your picture is not “In line with text”. If it is, you can take the first 5 steps to set.
  2. Next thing, click “Home” tab.
  3. Then click “Select” in “Editing” group.
  4. And choose “Selection Pane” on the drop-down list.Click "Home" ->Click "Select" ->Click "Selection Pane"
  5. Now on the right side of the document screen, you see the “Selection Pane”. You can notice all images and shapes are on the pane. And there is an eye symbol behind each image or shape name. If you click it and you can hide this image or shape. Or you can click “Hide All” button to hide all images and shapes on one certain page at one go. Certainly, these hidden images and shapes will not be printed.Click Eye Symbols or "Hide All" to Hide Images

Method 3: Set a Picture as Hidden “Text”

In case you have inserted pictures into Word file and need them to be in line with text, you can apply this method then.

  1. Firstly, click the picture so as to select it.
  2. Then click “Home”.
  3. Next click the extend button in “Font” group to open the “Font” dialog box.
  4. And under “Effects”, check “Hidden” box.
  5. Next click “OK”.Click "Home" ->Click the Extend Button in Font Group ->Check "Hidden" Box ->Click "OK"
  6. Now the picture will disappear. But if you click the show or hide symbol icon in “Paragraph” group, you can view it again.Click the Show or Hide Marks Icon

Comparison of 3 Ways Not to Print Images in Word Documents

Methods Advantages Disadvantages
Insert a Text Box or a Shape 1.        This method is best applied to work with multiple pictures.

2.        You don’t have to group the text box or shape with pictures.

1.        You have to insert a text box or a shape.

2.        You have to uncheck   “Print drawings created in Word” box anyway.

3.        The picture cannot be set in “In line with text” wrapping style.

4.        You cannot make pictures invisible in “Print Layout” view.

Use Selection Pane to Hide Pictures 1.        You can hide all pictures and shapes on one page in one go.

2.        You don’t have to insert a text box or a shape.

1.        It’s not convenient to select the pictures on another page.

2.        The picture cannot be set in “In line with text” wrapping style.

Set a Picture as Hidden “Text” 1.        You don’t have to insert a text box or a shape.

2.        You can show or hide pictures in “Print Layout” view as you like.

1.        The pictures must be set in “In line with text” wrapping style.

2.        It’s not convenient to use this method to hide multiple pictures at one time.

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