4 Vital Tips to Avoid Vexing Data Backup Problems

Due to frequent data disaster, more and more people have realized the importance of data backup. However, backups can fail or stop work as well. This article will present 4 crucial techniques to avoid this issue.

No matter individuals or businesses, most of them have already experienced data loss, data corruption or even severe data disasters. To most home users, they will pay more attention to viruses, so they must have installed antivirus software on their computers. Virtually data backups should be equally significant to antivirus software. Otherwise, you may be subject to data loss at any time. Now it’s time to make your data backup strategies. The followings are some critical rules for you.

Data Backup

1. You Need an Automatic Backup

The majority of people have must have found it difficult to carry out regular backups manually. Due to a variety of reasons, they may forget or delay to make backups. Thereupon, myriad complaints about invalid backups appear. The most common one is that the backups were exactly weeks old, so they just have limited value. Thus it is essential to find out a backup solution that can perform by itself.

2. Apply Several Types of Backups Simultaneously

In addition, your backups should be redundant. In other words, you had better utilize several backups for cherished data. Just imagine, if you have one backup in sum and it fails, you will never get anything back from this backup. So it is highly suggested to keep more than one backup for more flexible and selectable data recovery approaches.

3. Verify Your Backup on a Regular Basis

Never take it for granted that backups can rescue your from data loss. You should bear in mind that they can fail too. Few people have ever paid attention to this issue. In most situations, backup failure often goes undiscovered until you try to use it. It is prudent to make a schedule not only for regular backups but also for backup tests. Adhere to the schedule, and you will discover that the likelihood of backup failure will decrease.

4. Keep a Copy of Your Data Backup Offsite

In order to prevent terrible incidents, such as theft, power outage, fires, you need to keep a backup copy off site. If you gathered all the backups on one place, one site, the possibility of backup data loss will much be higher. You can achieve an offsite backup by the following two means. One is resorting to cloud-based backup services. Another one is keep the backup devices in an offsite place.

Furthermore, you would be required to select an appropriate location to position the backup equipment. It is necessary to keep it stored in a stable environment, without all kinds of physical threats, say extreme temperatures, moisture and other hidden risks.

You can design personalized data backup strategies in line with the mentioned above 4 tips, which will absolutely help you avoid unwanted backup graveyard to the greatest extent. However, if unfortunately you still suffer a backup failure, such as an internal file gets corrupted, you could also fall back on third party software to repair it. For instance, if it is a PST file, you can apply DataNumen Outlook Repair to get back its maximum data.

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Shirley Zhang is a data recovery expert in DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including sql recovery and outlook repair software products. For more information visit www.datanumen.com

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