4 User Interface Gadgets in Excel that Can Make Your Life Easier

Excel has many hidden features which can also be set according to your need. Thus, today we will introduce the 4 user interface gadgets in Excel.

When you create a new Excel file, you will find that there are some small features. Those features include the mini toolbar, live preview and others. However, those features are not fixed. And you can change the settings according to your operation custom. Thus, today we will show the 4 options about the user interface.

1.Mini Toolbar

The mini toolbar will appear when you select the number or word in a cell. Thus, you can change the format in the mini toolbar. However, sometimes, you select the value but you don’t want to change the format. But the mini toolbar will cover other contents like the image shows, which will disturb you to read other data.Cover other Content

So here you can close the toolbar.

  1. Click the tab “File” on the ribbon.
  2. Then click “Options”.Click File on the Ribbon
  1. On the right, you can see the part of “User Interface options”. Uncheck the first choice “Show Mini Toolbar on selection”.Uncheck Mini Toolbar on Selection
  2. And then click “OK”. Thus, when you select the value in a cell, the toolbar will never show up. Still you can right click and the toolbar of setting format will show up.

2.Live Preview

When you copy and paste certain information, sometimes you need to copy the values with the format. Thus, the live interview is necessary. In Excel, the default setting of the live preview is checked.Live Preview

It is recommended that you keep the setting. Therefore, you can preview the result in case you choose the wrong option.

3.Color Scheme

The third of the interface is the color scheme. And the default setting is silver. You can also click the small arrow to choose another color.Color Scheme

For example, here we choose the color black, and the interface will change.The Color Change

This is much cooler that the default setting!


This is the last setting in “User Interface”. When you move your mouse to any of a button on the toolbar, there will be a box of explanation.Screentip

Here you move the mouse on the “Conditional Formatting”, you can see that there is an explanation on it. And if you are very familiar with all the features, you can certainly close it. Click the small arrow and you will see the three options.3 Option of Screentip

You can choose any of the options according to your need.

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