4 Useful Tips to Safeguard Your Data in Natural Disasters

Natural disasters, like hurricane, earthquake or blizzard, are big risks that can destroy anything including precious data. Protecting data from those horrible disasters is a really tough work, but we still have to do it. Don’t worry; here are 4 tips for you to minimize the data loss.

Nowadays, data has become more and more important for both individuals and businesses. So people are trying their best to protect the vital data. And uncontrollable natural disaster is one of the biggest threats that can bring irreparable damage to it. Although the protection seems tough, we should never give up and make effective plans to safeguard it. And here are 4 tips that can help you.

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1.Back up your important data in several ways

It is of first importance to back up all your vital data regularly. It can rescue you even if your devices are destroyed in any natural disasters. For instance, if your computer is ruined by flood, then you can utilize your Outlook backup which is stored in another hard drive to attempt an Outlook repair. Thus you ought to choose at least 2 backup solutions listed below to ensure the data security.

  1. You can back up in external portable hard drives which can be carried easily when suffering natural disasters.
  2. You can keep a backup in additional hard drive in a remote safe place which cannot be influenced by the natural disaster occurs at the same time.
  3. There are multiple online paid data backup services like cloud based backup services. You should select a reliable one to keep your data.

2.Use dry bags to prevent natural disasters related to the water

In order to protect the crucial data from any natural water damage, you can prepare some water-tight bags to protect your valuable devices like mobile phone, USB flash drive, and other external hard drives. Keep in mind that you should develop a good habit of keeping the unused devices in the protective equipment all the time.

3.Make an emergency plan

Like the escape plan in the event of earthquake, you also need to make a disaster preparedness plan for your precious data. To list what you should do in sequential order to save your life and your data at the same time when encountering the disaster. And make sure that the plan is flexible enough to deal with various situations. For example, you may lose your portable drives in the disaster, but you still could get your backups in a remote offsite hard drive.

4.Disaster drills

Do not let your disaster preparedness plan become a scrap of paper. Natural disasters can happen in a flash. So if you haven’t prepared when it comes up, then you will probably pay a terrible price. Thus you should take action immediately. Now carry out disaster precautions and continue to improve the plan according to your own situation.

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