4 Typical Situations When Your Hard Drives Need to be Opened and Fixed by Experts instead of Yourself

Hard drive failures are common data disasters which have annoyed people a lot. To fix corrupt hard drives can be pretty complicated because you cannot solve the problems by yourself when meeting some typical cases. Here we sum up 4 situations that you hard drives need to be fixed by experts to minimize your loss.

You must be irritated and perplexed when coming across hard drive failures. It stores a great number of data. And to buy a new hard drive might be too costly. So we’d like to recommend that you should always keep regular backups to protect your data, like establishing Outlook data backups for Outlook pst corruption. And learn some common knowledge about hard drive failures.

In general, you can fix your broken hard drives on your own in some basic cases. But in some severe situations, you should find a specialist to open and fix your cherished hard drives. Here are 4 specific cases in which you need to get help.

hard drive repair

1.Drive heads get corrupt

Damaged drive heads is one common problem in hard drive failures. Only if you replace the bad one, can you fix your hard drive eventually. Now, let’s learn some signs of compromised drive heads.

  • The hard drive keeps making odd noises.
  • Every time after giving power to the hard drive, the drive will make some noises and then stop running soon.
  • After long-time usage, the hard drive gets detected much more slowly.

2.Malfunctioning drive motor

If the hard drives fell accidentally or meet up with power failures when running, then the drive heads will get close to the disk tightly and lead to a severe situation that the hard drive motor can’t work normally. And at the same time, you can’t hear any spinning sounds from the hard drives. In this time, you may need to replace the motor to fix your hard drive.

3.Suffer from water damage

Accidents always happen when we don’t take good care of hard drives. There are 3 cases when the hard drives come across water damages and you need to call in specialists.

  1. If you splash water on the unworked hard drive, you should clean it up as soon as possible. After that, only if you are sure that the hard drive is dry, can you attempt to access it. But if the hard drive still cannot work normally, you ought to resort to professionals right away.
  2. If you splash water on the running hard drive, then you should cut off power at once and clean up the liquid. After that, you should call in a reliable expert and never try to power the hard drive by yourself.
  3. When the hard drive is immersed in water, then you should try your best to clean up the liquid and get help from recovery companies. Please note that do not power on the hard drive in any processes after the incident.

4.Hard drives get burnt or struck by lightning

Accidents like fire, lightning may result in outright catastrophes on hard drives. Once you ever encounter the similar situations, there is no doubt that you need to give your hard disk to repair company to see if it can be fixed successfully.

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