4 Top MS Exchange Issues Experienced by Users

In this article we look at some of the most common issues experienced by Ms Exchange users and attempt to look at how these can be resolved.

4 Top Ms Exchange Issues Experienced By UsersNone of the computer applications can ever be available without any kind of user error. This is not to say that errors are in-built in the application, but errors in an application often arise due to an incorrect command given by the user or attempting to execute commands the application is not designed to execute. There can be multiple other reasons for issues arising when using an application. In case of MS Exchange, the issues faced by users are wide ranging and might make it in-convenient for users to continue using the application. To help avoid those issues, a list of the most common issues faced in MS Exchange is given below.

1. Undelivered Mails

Multiple organizations make use of MS Exchange server for sending emails, however there might be instances when you can be fooled into believing that your mail has been sent, when it hasn’t. There is a possibility that a mail, you sent, is still in the queue, waiting to be sent. This problem is not very difficult to deal with, you can simply restart the STMP (Simple Transport Management Protocol) component, responsible for managing the outgoing mails. If the problem still persists, you should check the DNS (Domain Name System) structure.

2. SMTP Crashes

Since the SMTP is responsible for sending mails form your account to another, a crash in the service can bring sending mails from your account to a complete halt. A crash in the service can possibly occur due to a corrupt message you are sending, a simple way to deal with it is to reset the service. However, if resetting does not work, try emptying the queues of outgoing messages, and then restarting.

3. Missing Inbox Mails

Many Exchange users have complained about emails vanishing from their Inbox. There might be an instance where an email which was once in your Inbox does not seem to exist anymore, even when you never deleted it. A possible cause for this might be a corrupt PST ( Personal Storage) File. This corruption can be done away through sending a simple command – ScanPST.exe command. This command launches a repair tool used to quickly repair Outlook copies of the Exchange mailboxes

4. Corruption of Databases

Corruption Of DatabasesOne of the most commonly occurring problem while using any application is the corruption of databases belonging to the application. This is a problem that needs to be contained at an early stage, if the corruption of databases expands, it might get too difficult to manage or contain and thus cause greater damage. To effectively deal with database corruption, the user should use the in-built Eseutil utility. Through this feature you can do away with the corruption in databases by performing multiple operations on the command line. You might also opt for making use of third party recover ost application to deal with corruption of databases.

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