4 Top Misconceptions about Hard Drive Data Recovery

When a hard drive crashes, people will try their utmost to recover their data. Many will search on the Internet for multiple data recovery tips, some of which actually can make the current situation worse. So this article will expose the 4 most serious misconceptions about the hard drive data recovery.

As the computer data is indeed stored in the internal hard drive, if the drive goes on strike, the data will tend to be lost too. There is no denying that data loss will result in extreme panic. When people get annoyed and even despairing, they will start to leave no stone unturned to attempt hard drive data recovery. In general, the first step must be resorting to the web, on which they can find various related tips. Desperation may render them to trust in the tricks readily without figuring out if the tricks are really feasible. So here we will expose the 4 myths about hard drive data recovery. You should never trust in them if you intend to perform data recovery on your own.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

1. Freezing the Drive Can Repair It

In theory, a hard drive crashes commonly due to the fact that its components get stuck. Thereby, freezing the drive will shrink the drive internal structures, which may free the moving parts and return to work normally. However, in fact, freezing can lead to many other troubles. For instance, it can cause permanent damage to the drive platters. If your drive is water damaged, then freezing will condense the water, which will accumulate moisture in the device. As mentioned above, it isn’t advisable to repair a drive by freezing.

2. DIY Software Can Solve Mechanical Issues within the Drive

Nowadays, a great deal of DIY data recovery software springs up, including drive recovery software and specific file recovery utility, such as PST file recovery tool. Some of the drive recovery software even boasts that they are able to resolve the drive mechanical issues, such as the physical damages of heads or motors. You should never trust in them in that no software can fix such issues. When the drive has been compromised physically, you should power off it right away. If you continue to run the DIY software, it will make no effects but to cause further damage on the drive.

3. Users Can Open the Drive to Fix the Stuck Parts

In common cases of hard drive failure, the drive will either make grinding noises or have no the sounds of spinning. Both are indicating that something wrong has occurred to the components. If the drive has no the spinning sounds, many users will think that its parts must get stuck and they want to open the drive to fix the parts. This thought is totally wrong. First, majority of modern drive do not make any audible spinning sounds. Second, opening a drive is quite demanding, which requires a cleanroom within specific air pressure, moisture and special tools, etc. Otherwise, external dusts and other factors will damage the drive permanently,

4. Data Is Entirely Unrecoverable After Drive Reformatting

Sometimes, data can be lost due to mistaken drive formatting. Many people think that data is not recoverable after the disk reformatting. In reality, it depends. In some cases, the disk formatting, particularly in Windows, still leaves the data on the drive’s surface and only removes the entries from “Table of Contents”. Hence, recovering data is still possible. So don’t be discouraged!

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