4 Top Cases when You Should Make an Image of Your Hard Drive

A disk image is an exact replica of the hard disk. Few users realize its importance. However, actually, in many cases, it is essential to make an image of your computer hard drive. Now, this article will expose 4 most common such cases.

To be honest, making an image of a computer hard drive is relatively easy with a reliable disk image utility, like DataNumen Disk Image. Nevertheless, many users look down upon it since they think that they haven’t encountered any cases when they require a disk image. In fact, disk image plays a greatly important role in many aspects, including system restore, data recovery and so on. Now, thereinafter, we’ll unveil 4 top cases when you have to make a disk image.

4 Top Cases when You Should Make an Image of Your Hard Drive

1. Before Installing System Updates & Packs

Have you ever found that your computer becomes considerably unstable after a simple system update or service packs are installed? Such situations are virtually pretty common. Many users have complained a lot about it. At that time, your PC may crash now and then. At that point, if you have kept a disk image, the case will be very easy to deal with in that you can easily restore system from the image. So, you should never try a service pack or install system updates without doing a full disk image in advance.

2. Before Updating Your Computer Drivers

As a matter of fact, it is always suggested to keep your computer drivers updated, which can block many troubles. However, the updated drivers may lead to a lot of other issues as well. For instance, the drivers is not a stable version, so it cannot be compatible with your system well. In this case, your system will be subject to a great number of problems, such as frequent crash. At that point, you may wish to restore system to the previous version. Under this circumstance, a disk image is a matter of necessity. Hence, you have to make an image for you PC drive in prior to updating device drivers.

3. Before Upgrading Your Computer Hard Drive

With more and more data stored on your computer hard drive, the drive will get full one day finally. At that time, you would long for a bigger hard drive. Or you think that the old hard drive works very slowly, so you want to upgrade to a solid state drive. In this situation, you need to firstly clone or image the original drive with data and system. Then, you ought to procure a new larger drive and restore the image to the new one. In a nutshell, you have no choice but to make an image before upgrading your PC drive.

4. Before Attempting Data Recovery

If your computer hard drive fails for some reasons, the data may be inaccessible like damaged PST file. At that time, you will definitely make efforts to perform data recovery. Under this circumstance, you’d better clone the disk and attempt recovery on the disk image. It is because that it can protect your original disk from further damage. If you’re still confused, you can refer to my previous article “Why You Must Make an Image of the Failed Hard Drive before Data Recovery?

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