4 Time-Saving Tips to Speed up Your Email Work in Outlook

If you are often required to type repetitive texts in message body, it will waste much of your time. Here are 4 time-saving tricks to speed up your email work more efficiently.

Confronted with a great deal of regular work, I am always searching assorted approaches to speed up my email work in Outlook. Recently, I found that apart from signatures, business cards and quick parts, I can save Outlook templates to avert repetitive emails as well. The followings are my knacks to improve my email work efficiency.

1. Create Signatures

It is highly advisable that you should create one or more signatures, such that you can avoid retyping your personal information when composing new messages. For instance, you can create one for business emails and another one for private emails. Virtually creating signatures are considerably easy.

  1. At the outset, create a new message.
  2. Then under “Message” tab, click “Signature” button. And choose “signature” from the dropdown list.Create Signatures
  3. Next a new dialog box will show up. Click “New” button to create one and specify a name for it.
  4. Later edit the concrete signature contents in the bottom box.
  5. Finally click “OK” to save it.

After you create it, you can insert it by still clicking the “Signature” button and selecting you desired one from the list.

2. Design a Business Card for Yourself

Alternatively, you can create a business card for yourself and set it as signature, which is much more attractive than plain textual signatures.

  1. To begin with, design a business card. Head to Outlook Contacts and create a contact for yourself.
  2. After entering the detailed information, double click the business card shown on the right side. In the subsequent dialog, you can design it to your likes.Design a Business Card for Yourself
  3. Finally create a new signature by the above method. In the signature dialog, add a business card to the signature by clicking the business card button.

All in all, no matter via signatures or business card, they can both make your do emails chores more effectively, without needs to type the same your introduction repeatedly.

3. Utilize Quick Parts to Insert Frequently Used Texts Instantly

Furthermore, if you often type the same sentences or paragraphs, I recommend you to create quick parts for them.

  1. At first, create a new message.
  2. Then type the specific sentences in message body and select them.
  3. Next switch to “Insert” ribbon and click “Quick Parts” button.Utilize Quick Parts to Insert Frequently Used Texts Instantly
  4. From the dropdown list, choose “Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery”.
  5. Finally in the popup dialog, specify the properties of the selected texts and click “OK” to save it.

Thereafter, whenever you need to type the sentences, you can insert it by clicking this quick part under “Insert” tab.

4. Save Outlook Templates for Repetitive Messages

Using Quick Parts is considerably convenient to insert frequently used sentences or paragraphs. However, if you often write the same message, you ought to utilize templates, instead of quick parts. To create an Outlook template, please follow the steps below.

  1. Create a new message at first.
  2. Then enter the contents in message body.
  3. Next go to “File” menu and click “Save as” button.
  4. Later in “Save as” window, select “Outlook Template” in “Save as Type” field.Save as Type
  5. Finally click “Save”.

After creating an Outlook template successfully, you can access it by clicking “Choose Form” button in “Developer” ribbon.Utilize Outlook Templates for Repetitive Messages

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