4 Salient Aspects that One Must Keep in Mind while Protecting SQL Server Assets

SQL Server assets including the data contained in them needs to be protected. In this article we give a close look at how these can be achieved. 

Protecting SQL Server AssetsOur assets are supposed to be people, objects or information that gives us an advantage over the others. Anything that is exclusive and forms a source of strength becomes one’s asset. SQL Server is used for storing databases that are already full of sensitive data, and there are parts of data that are more sensitive than the rest. Any organization that uses SQL Server for maintaining databases considers these databases to be its assets, and assets are something that no one gets careless with. However even though you believe you have taken enough measures to secure your SQL Server assets, they might still be unsafe.

Key Pointers to Keep in Mind for Protecting SQL Server Assets

 Salient Aspects That One Must Keep In Mind While Protecting SQL Server AssetsTo help you avoid any kind issues with protection of SQL Server assets, here are a few tips that you should always keep in mind while protecting SQL data.

  1. The most important thing you need to do to protect your assets is to decide what all constitutes to be your assets. As said before, parts of data are more sensitive than the rest; you might consider parts of data to be more important than the rest, thus forming the most valuable parts of your database / your assets.
  1. It is not only the data you need to protect, but also the Data Management Service. This is responsible for making the data available to the user, if this is not protected, and at loss, your data might become unavailable, even to the authorized users.
  1. The hacker might not always be interested in what you find important. It might be possible that what you find unimportant is important for the hacker. For example accounts belonging to authorized users.
  1. More than thinking like an owner or administrator of the database, you should think like a hacker and protect all that you find important. Database systems and database integrity are a few of the great assets, hackers often attack.

How do Attacks Occur?

One of the most common reasons why our SQL Server database come under attack is because we have lose and weak points in our database system. These weak points are explored and exploited by the hackers, who then use these to gain access to your system and to your assets. Weaknesses like low data integrity or weak passwords are often the most common ways used by hackers to get access to one’s system. Always ensure that you have strong passwords and the integrity of the database is never compromised. All this will help you better protect your SQL Server assets.

While using SQL Server we have to be very particular about the security of the application. SQL Server databases form the precious assets within all organizations using them. Although no user would intentionally compromise with the database security, a DBA will almost always have to be careful to ensure protection of all assets and make necessary preparations like keeping a SQL Server data recovery application handy to deal with incidents of data corruption.

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