4 Reasons & Solutions when Recovered Image Files Still Cannot Be Opened

After recovering the corrupted images files via relevant image recovery software, if the recovered files still cannot be opened, you’ll want to figure out why. Now, in this article, we’ll further discuss about this issue with providing some effective solutions.

When some valuable image files are compromised, you will surely want to repair and restore them. Then, you may search on Internet for some tips. In this process, you may be attracted by the advertisements of image file recovery software. Thus, you download one and try to recover corrupted images. However, after recovery finishes, when you try to open the recovered images, you still fail. How terrible and desperate it is! So, here we’ll focus on this problem to expose its reasons and solutions.

4 Reasons & Solutions when Recovered Image Files Still Cannot Be Opened


Actually, regardless of how versatile the image recovery software boasts itself, no software is able to promise 100 percent successful data recovery. That is to say, even though the software is admittedly excellent, at times, it is very likely to only recover limited data, such as 90% data only. In this case, you may find that some recovered files still cannot be opened. Here are 4 top reasons for this issue.

1. Improper Recovery Process

In the course of image recovery, you have to keep the device connected all the time and power supply is consistent. Any factors that interrupt the recovery can lead to the issue that recovered image files still cannot be opened.

2. Unreliable Recovery Software

There are various recovery tools in today’s market, such as PST recovery tool to repair corrupt PST. Likewise, there is a lot of image recovery software available, too. And some of them are even free of charge. But, they may be unreliable and inefficient. Thus, they are unable to recover corrupt image files successfully.

3. Human Errors after Image Recovery

After recovery, if you perform something improper on the recovered image files, they cannot be opened, either. For instance, you accidentally rename the images or modify the image file extension or others. All these operations can overwrite the recovered images partially, damaging the image files once again.

4. Faults of Image View Program

Last but not least, there are chances that the culprit is the image view program. If the program is corrupt or malfunctions, of course, the recovered images can’t be opened as normal.


After making clear the reasons for this problem, perhaps you have been prepared to take some measures to fix it. Thereinafter, we’ll share you 3 effective solutions.

1. Rename Image File

At times, renaming the recovered image files can fix this issue without breaking a sweat. Therefore, all you ought to do is to rename the file but don’t change the file extension. Later, save the file and try to open it again.

2. Change Default Program utility

Also, if the issue stems from the failed image program, you can change the default program. Go to “Control Panel” and select “Programs” > “Default Programs”. Then, select “Set your default programs” and change the program as per your needs. Ultimately, click “OK” and retry to open the recovered images.

3. Open with editing application

Some image editing applications can find out the image issues and fix them, such as Photoshop or Windows Paint. For example, try to open a corrupt image file in Photoshop and alter the image’s name, extension and metadata (information like date, time, file type, etc.).

4. Resort to Professionals

Assuming that all the solutions above fail, you have no choice but to take aid of the professional data recovery services. They will provide you some suggestions. And if you can afford, they can try their bests to rescue you from this trouble.

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