4 Reasons Why Small Business Using MS Access should Explore Different Backupv Locations

In this article, we understand why it is important for small businesses to explore different backup locations.

It is always advisable that irrespective of the size of your business, you need to create backups for your MS Access databases. A disaster might not always send a warning before occurring, and without a backup, you would end up losing out on a lot more if you do not have any backup to recover. In-fact, going by the importance of data these days, you should opt for backing up your databases on more than one location, and explore different locations for backups.  An Access database apart from all your Forms, Queries, Micros and multiple other objects also contain crucial employee and customer information. If all of this is lost, you would not only lose out on years or months of progress but will also continue spending a greater amount of time in future trying to somehow retrieve the lost data.

Securing your database backups in different locations is all the more important for small businesses as for them having just one backup is a common practice. It is now time for you to give greater value to your database backups, and along with taking them regularly, you also need to store them in different locations, for all the following reasons.4 Reasons Why Small Business Using MS Access Should Explore Different Backup Locations

To Maintain Business Process Continuation

In-case of a small business, there would not be too many options with the business owner to recover from all the loss caused by a disaster, and then further loss caused due to disruption of work. To avoid this great loss, and ensure the business process continuation happens even after the disaster, and crucial man–hours are not wasted, it is important to explore different backup locations, thus having multiple backups to rely on.

To prevent Multi–User inconvenience

Backup Access DatabaseIn a small business, there are high chances of there being multiple users with access to the database. If at the time of the disaster, the database is corrupted, and your backups are not available for recovery, you would not just have one user suffering, but many of them. To make sure that none of the users with access to database suffer in-case of recovery failure, you should opt for exploring different backup locations. So that if one of them is not working, there are others to rely on.

To recover files deleted by mistake

A disaster does not always to have to be the one that causes complete wreckage it can also be as simple as someone deleting the files by mistake. In such a scenario, if there is a need to get immediate access to the deleted file, and you are constantly failing to get access to your backup, what would you do? To prevent being caught in such a helpless situations, opt for having backups on multiple locations, to ensure that this kind of disruptions does not hamper your humble business. Also keep an accdb repair tool handy to help you in such scenarios.

Avoid the wrath of being held responsible

In a small business, there are well-defined roles for all employees. If you are in charge of backups and recovery, then you will certainly face the wrath of not just the business owner but also those with access to databases if you fail to recover it after a disaster. So make sure you avoid yourself the embarrassment and have a safe backup at more than one location.

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