4 Reasons why You Need to Send Emails from MS Access Form

In this article, we understand the importance of sending emails using Access forms, and why one may use it for the same.

Sending emails automatically from an Access form is a prime example of a scenario where Access can be made to save lot of your valuable time. There are multiple occasions when a user would be making use of Forms in MS Access to automate sending emails and notifications to users. The main one being assigning roles and duties to users. Now you might be wondering why one would make use of forms in MS Access for sending emails.4 Reasons Why You May Need To Send Emails From An MS Access Form

Why is it recommended to send emails using an MS Access Form

Access Email DatabaseTo be able to send emails from an Access form, you will first have to create a form that can be used for sending emails, for creating emails, and for automating emails, if there is a need. Once your form is ready, you can begin sending emails. For insights on why you should use Access form for this task, continue reading.

Does not require you to migrate data to Outlook

If you need to make use of data that is present in your database forms in the emails you are sending, then it is better to opt for sending it directly through access forms. The other way around it will be to migrate data from your access database first to Outlook and then share it with your email recipients. By using forms for sending emails you can skip the complete migration process and directly send the emails.

No modifications required

If you wish to continue sticking to your preference of using an email client for sending emails, then you should also be prepared for making modifications in the content of your emails. If you are using Outlook to send your mail for data that is already a part of your database, you will have to make changes in that data to make it suitable for sharing over emails. None of this would be needed if you were using Access forms, as here you can opt for sending the data directly, without making any changes to it.

Mail to multiple users of a workgroup at once

One of the greatest advantages of using Access forms for sending emails is that you can opt for sending emails to all or several users of a single workgroup at once. Whereas, if you opt for using Outlook for the same or any other email software for that matter, you would have to create separate emails for separate users.

It’s convenient from a Perspective of the user

The most important reason why you might want to use Access forms for sending emails is that it can help you save a lot of time by doing all the above-mentioned work for you. A lot of your email sending hassles can be taken away if you choose to send emails to users through Access forms instead of email software.

For business users who use MS Access on their production server, it is critical to invest in an mdb repair utility. Such a software can save the day for you if a deliberating Access crash ever occurs by bringing back the compromised data.

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