4 Quick Ways to Send Emails from Your Excel (Part I)

Sometimes you need to send emails relating to your Excel file. So here we will demonstrate 4 ways to send mails from Excel.

If you need to send emails of an Excel file or part of the contents, you need to open the Outlook application and then edit the detail information. And every time, you should input the address of the recipients, the subject as well as the contents. In addition, if you can send emails directly from Excel, you can save a lot of time. So in this passage, there are 4 different ways will be introduced.

1.    Hyperlink of an Email Address

If you input the email address into a cell, it will automatically generate a hyperlink.Name Lists

In this name list of the company DataNumen, there is the email information about every sales representative. Now if you want to send an email to one person, you can directly click the cell, and then the window of message will pop-up. And the address will be in the text box automatically.Address in Text Box

And then you can input the subject and the contents into the email.

2.    HYPERLINK Function in Excel

The hyperlink function can also sent emails from Excel. And you can edit the details in the function. Here suppose you are a sales representative, and you need to send emails to the manager of your target. You have set the goal in an Excel file.Send from Email

Thus, you can use the HYPERLINK function to send email.

  1. Click any of a blank cell in the worksheet.
  2. Input this formula into the cell and then press “Enter”:

=HYPERLINK(“mailto:” & E2 & “?subject=”& D1 & “&body=” & D2, “manager@datanumen.net”)

In this formula, E2 is the cell where the target email address is in, D1 refers to the subject and the D2 is the body. You need to change certain index according to your actual need.

  1. Then click the cell, and you will see the window of Outlook.Information in Email

You can see from this example that if you use this function, you can send emails quickly from Excel.

3. Edit Hyperlink

Except for using the hyperlink function, you can also edit the contents of the hyperlink.

  1. Right click the cell that contains the recipient address.Edit Hyperlink
  2. Click the option “Edit Hyperlink” in the new menu.
  3. And then you will see a new window. In the text box of the “Subject”, you can input the subject and the body of the email. For example, here we use the “Target” as the subject and “3” as the body, we enter “Target&body=3” into the text box.Input in Text Box
  4. And then click “OK”. Now if you click the cell with the recipient’s address, you can also find that the information is in the certain place as you have set.

We have introduced three methods of sending emails from Excel. And in out next article, we will continue to talk about sending Emails as attach files from Excel.

Author Introduction:

Anna Ma is a data recovery expert in DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including word recovery and outlook repair software products. For more information visit www.datanumen.com

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