4 Quick Steps to Recover Deleted Files from Your Computer

When you mistakenly delete files on your computer, you’ll try best to recover them. But how to quickly recover them will involve many factors. By following the correct steps introduced in this article, you will be able to recover the deleted files with utmost ease.

Without any doubt, an overwhelming majority of computer users must have ever deleted some files accidentally on their PC. In such cases, if the files are extremely important, most people will make every endeavor to restore them. In reality, the data recovery is involved with multiple factors, including what kind of drive the files was stored, whether you’re holding a current backup and so on. Here we will guide you how to restore your mistakenly deleted files from an internal hard disk drive.

Recover Deleted Files from Your Computer

Step 1: Recover from Computer Recycle Bin

Generally, when you delete any files by “Delete” key, the files will be just moved to the computer Recycle Bin. Unquestionably, this is the most convenient and easy case. In this scenario, you can access the Recycle Bin to verify if the deleted files exist there. If so, you can simply right click the files and choose “Restore”.

Step 2: Recover from Previous Versions

Assuming that you haven’t found the deleted files in Recycle Bin, your next resort is to employ the “Previous Version” feature, which is an automatic backup feature in Windows computer. You can firstly find the folder where the deleted files were located and right click on the folder. From its context menu, you can select the “Restore previous versions” option.

Step 3: Recover from Manual Data Backups

By default, “Previous version” feature is just activated on system partition. If the deleted files were in other partition, you will be unable to find previous versions. In this situation, you can check your current data backup that you made by yourself. If you persist in making the backup on a regular basis, it will be very likely that you will find some useful files.

Step 4: Recover via Reliable Recovery Software

This issue will be a bit knotty if the methods mentioned above all fail. In this case, your last recourse will be reputable and well-proven data recovery software, like Outlook PST file recovery software. For instance, if you accidentally delete your PST files, firstly you can apply DataNumen Disk Image to create an image for the entire drive and then utilize DataNumen Outlook Repair to recover your PST data from the image file. There are multiple similar data recovery tools in the today’s market. You ought to keep cautious to choose a right and dependable one.

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