4 Quick Methods to Repair Incorrect Disk Permissions on Mac System

Disk permissions on Mac system are actually file or folder settings that impact data read and write, program running and so on. So, it is serious that the disk permission is incorrect. Now, this article will expose 4 rapid ways to repair disk permissions.

Permission system is the way Mac system utilizes for data security. For instance, any applications are unable to modify the system files without permissions. Also, if Mac has several user accounts, permission system will keep every user’s data private from other users. Therefore, in some degree, file and folder accessibility is controlled by Disk Permissions.

Yet, at times, some programs may try to change the permissions. Then, such new permissions may disturb the original ones, thereby leading to some unexpected issues, like some application being stopped or some file getting damaged, such as corrupt Outlook file. In a nutshell, incorrect or “damaged” disk permissions can be a serious problem. You’re better off repairing it as soon as possible. Here we’ll share you 4 means.

4 Quick Methods to Repair Incorrect Disk Permissions on Mac System

1. Disk Utility

As we all know, Mac system comes installed with an inbuilt disk repair tool – Disk Utility. It can indeed repair most common disk problems, including incorrect disk permissions. Therefore, you should make full use of this tool by following steps.

  • First off, you need to access the “Applications” folder.
  • Then, you should open the “Utilities” folder, in which you can find and launch Disk Utility.
  • In the Disk Utility window, you ought to click the “First Aid” tab.
  • Next, select a disk which you want to repair in the left sidebar.
  • Finally, you can click the “Repair Disk Permissions” button.

2. Command Line

If you can’t access Disk Utility tool for some reasons like remote management or something wrong with Mac OS X, you can repair disk permissions by command line as well. Take the steps below, please.

  • To start with, you need to launch Terminal application on Mac.
  • Subsequently, you can input the “sudo diskutil repairPermissions /” line into the text-mode terminal screen and press “Enter”.
  • At once, it will start repairing disk permissions on your Mac’s main drive.
  • The onscreen command will update as permissions are being fixed and will end automatically when it is completed.
  • This process will take quite some time. You should wait patiently.

3. Third Party Tool

Aside from the built-in methods to repair disk permission, you could also resort to any third party tools, too. You can find numerous such tools on Internet easily. But you should avoid those unreliable ones. Not only are they not able to repair the issues, but also they will make further damage on your disk and disk data. At that time, regretting is meaningless.

4. Contact Specialists

What’s more, if you cannot figure out what issues you are encountering on Mac, or cannot make sure if the problems are improper disk permissions, you’d better take recourse to professional repair services. They can assist you to analyze your disk issues and repair it properly.

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