4 Points about Outlook Password You Must Know

In order to protect confidential data, encryption is highly recommended. In this article, we will explore 4 tips about Outlook password.

With viruses and hacking attacks becoming increasingly sophisticated nowadays, what we would lose is not only some important documents, but also our private information as well as personal property. Perhaps we cannot be able to inhibit these scenarios completely, but we could do something to reduce the possibility of being attacked. It is apparent that employing a password is the best and easiest method.

Outlook Password

In reality, Outlook data also require protection. Once your Outlook data are stolen, you will encounter a great challenge that someone will utilize the contacts and messages to serve the devil. In a nutshell, all terrible situations you could imagine will probably occur. Therefore, in attempt to avert all kinds of misfortune, we had better use Outlook password to safeguard our data. Of course, if you consider that the password is not meaningful for you any longer, you could remove it as well.

Creating Outlook Password

  1. In “Home” page, right click on the name of the outlook file to be encrypted.
  2. Then select “Data File Properties” option. A window of “Outlook Today…” will crop up.
  3. In “General” tab, you should locate and click on “Advanced” button.
  4. Next in the new popup window, you must see a button of “Change Password”. Click on it to open a new dialog.
  5. To create an Outlook Password, you could just neglect the “Old password” field, and just fill in two fields – “New password” and “Verify password”.
  6. Finally click “OK” to save the password.

Changing Outlook Password

  1. Follow and complete the first 4 steps above.
  2. Fill in “Old password”, “New password” and “Verify password”.
  3. Finally click “OK” to save the changed password.

Removing Outlook Password

After creating Outlook password, you will receive a prompt for the Outlook password every time when you open Outlook. No one can avoid this prompt. Thus if you’ve become exactly annoyed about it and consider Outlook password as a useless tool for you, you could simultaneously utilize two Microsoft in-built tools – “pst19upg.exe” and “scanpst.exe” to remove the password, which is a little bit cumbersome.

When You Forget Outlook Password

Sometimes we may forget or lose the password. You could choose to abandon the outlook files if possible. However if it is very significant, you must take the aid of some external Outlook repair tool to help you access to the Outlook files again. DataNumen Outlook Repair is a good solution to solve this problem. Not only can it repair encrypted Outlook files, but also it can repair other corrupted Outlook files due to Outlook crashes.

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Shirley Zhang is a data recovery expert in DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including sql recovery and outlook repair software products. For more information visit www.datanumen.com

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