4 New and Updated Features in MS Access 2016

The Ms Access 2016 edition which comes with the Office 2016 software suite has got a bunch of timely feature updates which we discuss in this article in detail.

New Features In Access 2016If you have just upgraded your Ms Office application suite from the 2013 edition to the 2016 edition, you are likely to feel that Ms Access barely has changed a bit. While the look and feel remains largely unchanged, there are several changes in this popular database application that’s worth a look.  Here are a few of those recently launched features and updates that one can find in the latest edition of Access.

  1. Tell Me Feature – When you open the Ms Access 2016 edition, apart from a slightly colorful interface, you will also notice a new text box right on the ribbon on top. This says ‘Tell me what you want to do’ and has an icon of a bulb right next to it. Whatever task you want to do, you can write here and will give you a list of all features and programs that might help you in completing your task. You can also use this feature for help with anything regarding the application and it can also help you find a button you are unable to locate.
  1. New Themes – Now you also have the option of changing themes for your Access program. Two new themes have been introduced in this edition. One is plane white and other is colorful. You can access these themes by following these steps:
    1. Go to File.Go To File
    2. Select Options.Select Options
    3. Click on General.
    4. Go to the Drop down menu right next to Office Themes.Go To The Drop Down Menu Of Office Themes
  1. Redesigned Templates – A part from the new themes, Access 2016 also provides you with new desktop design templates. Five different desktop templates have been, redesigned and modified to allow you to start working with Access databases with ease.
  1. Bigger Show Table Dialog – The size of the Show Table Dialog box has been increased in Access 2016, using this bigger dialog box, you will now have access to greater number of queries and tables and databases. You can open this dialogue box in queries through multiple ways. You also have the option of opening it in Relationship Window.

Many users of Access 2013 edition might find the overall interface to be more or less the same; the difference will however come in the functionality. Further the changes introduced in this edition are aimed at giving end users greater control. For example it is now far easier to export linked data sources from the Access application into an Ms Excel file. Moreover with SharePoint 2016, a host of Access web app services are now available for use. Some of the prominent ones include improved datasheet filters and cascading controls.

Even the Latest Ms Access 2016 Database is Prone to Crashes

While the recent editions of Ms Access are way more stable than editions released before 2007, they are far from perfect. Even the latest Ms Access 2016 edition application is prone to crashes and incidents of corruption of its underlying database file are quite common. So irrespective of the edition you are using, you should keep an Access database repair tool like DataNumen Access Repair handy to recover from a database crash. This incisive tool can deal with extensive corruption of a MDB file and it can assuredly bring back all data stored in it in quick time.

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