4 Main Problems That Can Occur to the Heads of Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

Hard disk drive (HDD) is vulnerable due to its sensitive mechanical parts, such as the heads. So as to help users know more about the drive heads, this article will list out 4 primary potential issues about the heads.

Hard drive is widely-used due to its large storage capacity and cost-effectiveness. Nevertheless, owing to it containing moving parts, it is more vulnerable than the other kinds of storage media, like solid state drive (SSD) or memory card, etc. As we all know, when a hard drive fails, the drive data will be corrupt, too. Then, we have to perform difficult data recovery, like recovering damaged PST files. It must be unexpected for every user. Hence, it’s advisable to learn more about hard drive components and all potential risks to them. Thereinafter, here we’ll delve into the problems on the hard drive heads.

4 Main Problems That Can Occur to the Heads of Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

1. Gradual Aging

Hard disk drive has finite lifespan. Simply put, with regular use, over time, it will definitely fail one day. It’s because its components will wear out. The same holds true for the heads. Therefore, when a hard drive reaches its life, magnetic heads may become aging. Of course, if the hard drive is in poor-quality when designed or manufactured, the heads can be aging much earlier than normal.

2. Damaged by Water/Fire

In addition, it is always suggested to keep hard drive in a safe location and room, protecting it against all risks. However, at times, it is a bit difficult to predicate the disasters, such as fire or flood. Hence, if a hard drive is subject to fire or water or other kinds of unexpected catastrophes, the heads will be easy to fall victim to be damaged.

3. Crash due to Impact

Aside from the unanticipated incidents, human mistakes can cause drive heads to crash too. For example, if you are used to using a hard drive with carelessness, it’s very likely that you may have ever dropped or dumped it accidentally. Under such a circumstance, the magnetic heads inside is probably to crash and get in touch with the drive platters, further scratching the platters. It can result in irreparable damage to the hard drive.

4. Out of Alignment

Last but not least, every components inside the hard drive are in the accurately-designed places. Any out-of-alignment parts can cause serious problems. Thus, if a drive is dropped or suffers other kinds of impact or you freeze it, the heads may be out of alignment, finally leading to hard disk drive failures.

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