4 Key Points to Consider While Running Antivirus Programs on Exchange Servers

One needs to apply apt thought while choosing a server side antivirus on an Ms Exchange Server and also remain aware of possible issues that may crop up.  

Points To Consider For Running Antivirus Programs On Ms Exchange ServersThe Ms Exchange mailbox databases are full of important and sensitive information which needs all the protection that they can get. Purely from a security view point, running an antivirus program on Ms Exchange Server is a good choice. In fact most experts agree that multilevel security goes a long way in securing your network.  However there are several key points that you need to keep in mind while going down this path which we will discuss in detail.

Key Components that any Antivirus Program you choose must Possess

Antivirus ProgramAny antivirus program that you choose should provide all possible forms of protection to your Exchange databases. Key components of such a program must include

1. Real Time Protection

Memory Resident Scanning is responsible for monitoring all data, stored in the form of files and process, loaded and running in the active memory of the computer. The application you choose should offer this at all times.

2. File Level Scanning

Such a program checks files contained on the hard disk for any kind of viruses, you can either choose to set this on regular schedules, or do it manually. A lot of anti – virus programs automatically begin scanning once the virus signatures get updated, this is done to make sure that all files get scanned for latest signatures.

3. Intelligent Detection Mechanism for Emerging Threats

The Server side antivirus that you choose must be able to proactively determine programs which can be a threat to the system and Exchange data. It should be able diagnose attack vectors and block them before any harm is done.

4. Points to Remember

Installing the antivirus program might be helpful in protecting your system and data; there are certain things that need to be considered while you run the program. This kind of antivirus program needs to be configured before they can be implemented. While configuration, you have to make sure that it is done properly, if there is any kind of problem in configuration, the program will not work properly. For the purpose of configuration, you should either take help of someone experienced, or understand it properly yourself.

Probable Errors

There are lots of possible errors that could arise when you begin using the program; here are a few of the most common ones.

Locking or quarantining of an open log file or database file that needs modifications by Exchange.

This could further lead to failures in the application, most common one being error 1018 (log error). This can be prevented by excluding log files from the process of scanning by the program all together.

Data corruption errors can also occur in some cases. Such issues typically originate out of access conflicts when an antivirus scan locks on to an element accessed by any Exchange Server process. In some cases, data corruption can be extensive and it would mandate the need for an Exchange ost recovery operation.

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