4 Effective Tips to Secure Your Business File Transfer

The security of data transfer must be an important point for the business. As there are so many threats all around, we should always keep an eye on it. To learn 4 effective tricks for securing file transfer in your business, you can have a look at this article.

According to some researches, many companies still utilize traditional file transfer protocols which don’t encrypt traffic and let the payload be exposed to anyone who can access the network. Securing business file transfer is becoming more and more difficult, because with the development of the technology, risks also increase rapidly. Thus in order to keep up with the footsteps of time, we should always learn some better approaches. Here we will provide 4 useful tips to help you with the secure task.

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1.Ensure secure connectivity

Ensuring secure connectivity is one vital part to safeguard data transfer but it’s not easy. You should keep an active eye on some common secure protocols like Secure FTP (SFTP), AS2, FTPS, and etc., which can minimize the risk by encrypting the data.

If using cloud-based service to transfer your data, then you also have to make sure that your partners use proven encryption methods, because inbuilt encryption, data certification and data validation are vital to a safe data transfer.

2.Manage data access

What is also significant to data transfer is access control. Companies should establish a plan to control the data storage and the file access permission. In other words, you ought to decide who can access to what data. In this way, you can effectively manage every employee’s authority and responsibility. And once any data disasters occur, you can find the one who have the accountability. And you can take measures as soon as possible to rescue everything you can.

3.Utilize features like “receipt notification”

Apart from foresaid essential parts, you can utilize some helpful features offered by third party tools. For example, receipt notification is one powerful way to help you check whether it is the right person that open and receive your data. Actually, Outlook has similar function as well. As most companies also transfer data through emails, you should pay attention to the abuse of personal accounts in laptop which tend to have no security measures applied to secure data. And if the employee calls in a malevolent people to recover pst file someday, another potential danger will probably happen.

4.Employees compliance

This part is the most important part. If employees do not adhere to security compliance mandates, it will definitely leave your important data in danger and the policy is just empty talk. Therefore, you should build an effective inspection system to supervise and urge the employees to follow company’s policy. Only in this way, various security protections will make sense eventually.

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