4 Different Methods to Clear Cell Formats in Your Excel

Cell formats in Excel is the most basic feature. In this article, we will introduce 4 methods to clear cell formats in Excel.

Sometimes, you will need to clear cell formats in Excel. There are many functions in Excel that can help you clear cell formats. And here we have sorted out 4 methods for that purpose.

Method 1: Clear Format Manually

In this image, you can see that the format of B2 has yellow background.Fill Format

So if you want to clear the format, you can follow the step.

  1. Select the target cell.
  2. Click the arrow of “Fill Color” button in the toolbar.
  3. And then choose “No Fill”. Thus, the fill color will disappear according to your setting.No Fill

And for other formats, you can also change accordingly. For instance, you can change the font color into black or you can disable the italic according to the actual need.

Method 2: Fill Format

In this image below, we want to clear the format of the cell B2. And here you can use the fill format method.Fill Format

  1. Click a blank cell around the target cell. For example, here we click B1. You may pay attention that if there is special format of cell B1, you cannot choose it. You need to choose a cell without format. Besides, it doesn’t matter whether the cell contains values or not.
  2. Click the fill handle of cell B1 and drag to cell B2. Thus, B2 will be the same as B1.
  3. Now click the small button “Auto Fill Options” near B2.
  4. Then in the drop-down menu, choose the option “Fill Formatting Only”.Choose Fill Formatting Only

Thus, the format of B2 will be cleared.

No Format

Method 3: Clear Formats from the Toolbar

We will still use the example of cell B2.

  1. Click B2.
  2. Next click the button “Clear” in the toolbar.
  3. And then in the drop-down menu, choose the option “Clear Formats”.Clear Formats

Thus, all the formats in the cell will disappear.

Method 4: Use Format Painter

The format painter can copy the format of other cells. And it can also copy the blank format. Therefore, this feature can also be used to clear cell format.

  1. Click any of a cell with no format. Here we click B1.
  2. And then click the button “Format Painter” in the ribbon.
  3. Next click the target cell. Thus, you have cleared the format of B2.

Format Painter

A Comparison of the above Methods



Clear Format Manually Fill Format Clear Formats from the Toolbar Use Format Painter
Advantages It can change the format precisely. You can clear formats of a row or a column quickly according to this method. Only two clicks are required in this method. You can clear formats of more than one cells if you double click the “Format Painter”.
Disadvantages 1.      Sometimes you will miss one of the settings.

2.      Compared with other methods, it will cost a lot of time. and energy.

If all the cells around the target cell have special format, this method is not practical. If the target cells are separated at different place, you need to select them respectively. You need to click them one by one if the target cells are separated at different place.

So if the next time you need to clear format in your Excel file, you can choose any of the method according to your actual need.

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