4 Common Errors in Outlook and Their Solutions

Outlook is a constituent software of the popular Microsoft office suite. It is basically an email client software but also has additional features such as calendar and reminders. This article highlights some of the common errors you are likely to encounter while using Outlook and how to solve them.

4 Common Errors in Outlook and Their Solutions

Outlook, like any other office application, is not error free. Luckily, most of the common errors in this software can be resolved in just a few steps. You therefore do not need to seek the services of a professional every time a problem occurs. Let us delve into some of these errors and solutions.

1. Outlook crashes/ is hanging/ is not responding

Although this can be caused by a myriad of reasons, the most common one on a healthy computer is wrongly installed or created add-ons. To confirm if this is the cause, you should open Outlook in safe mode using the following steps.

  1. Close outlook.
  2. Start a Run dialogue box. To open it on Windows 8 up to 10, Use Windows key + R. For windows 7, click the start button, search and select Run in the search box.
  3. Type Outlook/safe and click OK.

If Outlook starts successfully and does not hang again, one of your add-ins could be the problem.

  1. Go to the File menu and click on Add-ins.
  2. Select COM Add-ins and then click on Go.
  3. Select and clear the checkboxes in the list and click OK.
  4. Restart Outlook, adding the add-ins one after another until you identify the cause of the problem.

2. Errors when receiving or sending emails

This is when you try to send emails from outlook but you can’t seem to get the ‘sent’ confirmation. The main cause of this error is incorrect email address entry. Network issues also play a role.

Newer versions of Outlook confirm the receiver’s address first and tell you immediately if the email address is invalid. If this error occurs on an older version however, you should confirm that you entered the address correctly and have a stable internet connection.

3. Outlook has been sending spam messages

You might be in for the shock of your life when you’re going through your “sent” box and see countless spam emails that you did not send. This is getting more common as cybercrime reaches its peak in recent years.

These spam emails can be attributed to a virus in your system or remote manipulation of your computer by a hacker. The first step when such a thing happens is to update your antivirus software. You should additionally change your Outlook password.

4. Outlook data files are corrupted or won’t open

Like any other file types, Outlook (.pst) files are at risk of corruption or loss. Corruption of files in Windows can be caused by many hardware and software related issues. Fortunately, data recovery has evolved in the last couple of years and now a damaged .pst file is no cause for alarm. If you use Exchange email accounts, delete all offline Outlook files (.ost); the next time you log in, Exchange will automatically recreate those files.

If that doesn’t work, you should get a third party data recovery software, such as DataNumen Outlook Repair. Outlook data recovery tools make it easy for anyone to recover their files without taking any extra data recovery training. This software will repair any corrupt Outlook files and recover the ones you might have accidentally deleted.

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