4 Benefits Making MS Access Irreplaceable for Enterprises as a Thick Client

This article talks about the 4 Benefits which make MS Access an Irreplaceable development tool for Enterprises as a thick client.

Microsoft Office Access is among the most used client-server application tool that is commonly used for development in most enterprises today.  It’s easy to understand usability, dynamic departmental applications accessibility, and the ability to grow a business without demanding any dependency from skilled IT programmers make it inevitable. It is used by all types of businesses, big, small or startups as a reporting tool. These are some of the few features which make MS Access a permanent development tool in all enterprises.4 Benefits Which Still Makes MS Access Irreplaceable For Enterprises As A Thick Client

These are some of the latest incarnations made in MS Access:

  • Use wizards to build relational databases for small applications at a faster speed.
  • Adapt a Microsoft Office feel and interface look for all your reports and forms.
  • Automation features for avoiding manual coding
  • Can act as an advanced Information Integration Engine that helps in connecting disparate data sources.

MS Access is popular as a desktop based client application, but the popularity of cloud platforms and their efficiency have forced enterprises to switch to those means. So, here let’s test MS Access compatibility with cloud software.

Microsoft Access in Office 365

Microsoft Access In Office 365MS Access allows the user to transfer their data from an older version of the software in the new version before publishing it on Office 365 Access services so that it can be accessed by everyone wherever they are. It will also help in better organization of your data as it grows.

Now Access 2010 and its Services, including SharePoint, can be used for building web database applications. Access 2010 and MS Access Services offer a platform where the user can create databases on the web. The user just needs to use Access 2010 with SharePoint for designing and publishing a web database and share it with its SharePoint users.

SSMA to Azure

Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant (aka SSMA) can be defined as a toolkit which can help in cutting the cost, effort, and risk of transferring or migrating data from Access to SQL Azure.

Note: Access’s SSMA 2008 supports data migration to SQL Azure.

SSMA can be used for:

  • Creating a Migration Project on SSMA by setting SQL Azure as its destination
  • Allowing users to select the target schema of the migration
  • Migrating tables and data along with the Load, convert and Migrate command
  • Providing ability for verifying the migration
  • It also offers an amazing solution for migrating Microsoft Access databases directly to the Cloud.

Microsoft Access can be used as a Client Cloud Consumer

If the user data is stored in SQL Azure, then this will prompt MS Access for continuing to act as a thick client and stay connected to the Cloud database with the help of linked table options.

Using MS Access 2010 and above, users can create a data connection with a Web Service. For example, a user can create a Web data Service connection for their enterprise, or Business Data Catalog and instantly get business data. After a user creates a Web data Service connection, he/she needs to connect with its source similarly as they would with any other external data source.

Now if you are planning to use Access as a departmental database, just keep a tool that can recover mdb or accdb database around. While Access is good at many things, it still tends to get corrupted at times and a recovery tool like DataNumen Access Repair can go a long way in protecting your critical data.

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