How to Select a Row or Column in Excel Quickly

Excel can handle a large amount of data. And sometimes, we need to use some Excel tips to help us finish our work. Today we will introduce the tips of selecting a row or a column quickly.

In an Excel file, there will be a lot of data and information. And sometimes you have to select the entire row or the entire column. Most of the time, you need to highlight the data so that your work will be more smoothly. And we are sure that using today’s Excel tips to select row or column can improve your work efficiency.

A Sample Worksheet of Student Scores

Here is an example of Excel worksheet. Furthermore, there are many scores of students. For the necessity of work, you need to select column of one student’s scores.An Example of a Worksheet to select row

Suppose that you need to know the first student’s scores. Most of the time, you will put your cursor at the left of the row and the click. Thus, you selected the whole row of a student.Select the Whole Row

However, you will find that the whole row is in the selection. And the blank cells on the right are also selected. And the following comes with the tips about select the needed area accurately.

Steps of Selecting Row or a Column

To select row, you should follow those steps.

  1. Position the cursor on the cell of “John’s student number” simply by clicking the target cell.Select the Target Cell
  2. Press the key “Ctrl + Shift + →”.Keyboard

And then you will see that the row is selected without the blank cell.The Selected Row

You may also argue that here are only four cells, and you can use your mouse to select. However, what if there are many numbers, such as the condition below:A Lot of Data

And in this condition, using the shortcut keys will be much convenient.

Furthermore, for the selection of column, you can also use the key combination. After you click the first cell, you can press the shortcut keys “Ctrl + Shift +↓”. And then you select the whole column. Besides, you can also use the other two arrows to select the target area. After all, the difference lies in the direction. And the result is the same. All those Excel tips to select row or column very useful and easy to manipulate.

How to Deal with Excel Corruption

When using Excel in work, you will sometimes encounter some file corruption. For example, you couldn’t open your Excel file, some data in your file is missing, or some other reasons that might damage your files. Hence, you might in need of the Excel recovery tool to repair your corrupted file. The timely repair enables you avoid more losses.

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