3 Ways to Overcome Limitations in MS Access Switchboards

In this article, we discuss the how switchboards work and come handy for users in MS Access. We also discuss 3 ways to overcome inherent limitations.

An Access database consists of lots of objects, manually going over each of those objects is not just time-consuming, but also confusing. For navigating across Access objects like forms and reports you can make use of the Switchboard provided to you in the application. This is one of the greatly useful and reliable navigation tools for navigating between objects in MS Access. Making use of these switchboards in the application is not a challenge if you understand how to put them to use. Given below are the steps using which you can add a switchboard button in Quick Access toolbar.Working With Switchboards In MS Access - 3 Ways To Overcome Limitations

Adding Switchboard Manager Button in the Ribbon

  1. Switchboard Manager RibbonCreate a new database, or opt for using a sample database which you wish to add a switchboard button in.
  2. Go to Suggested Searches in MS Access and select Assets.
  3. From the appearing dialog box select Desktop Asset Tracking.
  4. Now click on create after you have selected the location for saving the database.
  5. To add a switchboard button in this database, select the small arrow placed right next to the Redo and Undo options.
  6. Select More Commands, and click on Commands Note in Ribbon.
  7. Browse to Switchboard manager, and click on OK.
  8. You will now have the switchboard manager icon in the ribbon of your database using which you can create different switchboards.

With these steps, you will be able to add a switchboard button in the ribbon, which can later be used for creating switchboards.

Limitations of Switchboards in MS Access and how to deal with them

Apart from just knowing the steps to add switchboards to your access database, you should also know the limitations that are attached and how to deal with them.

  1. Eight Item Limitation

One of the greatest limitation that bothers users about MS Access switchboards is the restriction of adding just eight lines in the switchboard page and not more. Although you can opt for increasing this limit to nine or ten, by adding more options sets in the design mode. However, you cannot manage how the switchboard manager will deal with these increased limits.

  1. Function Limitations

Much like the item limitations, the functions that can be added in the switchboard are also limited. You can only make use of eight actual functions in your switchboards manager. You can alter the form code to perform other commands but still won’t be able to add these in the switchboard manager. For adding additional types in switchboard menu you will have to add additional commands along with processing instructions for that command.

  1. Manually Editing Items

For all the extra items that you add or the new functions that you use, it is necessary to give some explanation of the same in switchboard items table. This will ensure that all the necessary details are given alongside and can be used whenever required. It also makes easier for the application as well as the user with access to the switchboard to make sense of all items.

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