3 Ways to Search Contents in Excel

Excel has many similar features that are actually designed for different cases. And today we will introduce the features of 3 ways to search contents in Excel.

When you have finished your Excel file, you will always come back and find some certain information. However, in most cases, you couldn’t remember the location of the target. Therefore, here we have the sample of student scores to present the ways to search contents.A Sample of Student Scores

Using Find Feature

  1. First, press the shortcut key “Ctrl + F”.
  2. Then in the pop-up window, input the student name.Input Student Name
  3. And then click the “Find Next” button. And then the cursor will position to the cell of “Paul”.The Cursor on the Cell

And now you know where Paul is.  And his student number and his scores can be seen.

Using MATCH Function

And if you want to know the exact student number of a student, you can also try this way.

  1. First, click a blank cell.
  2. Then input the formula: =MATCH(“Paul”, B2:B31,0). And the area “B2:B31” should be your real target area in your actual worksheet.Input MATCH Function
  3. Then press the key “Enter”. And then the function will return a value in the cell. And it shows “10”.The Return Value

And Paul’s student number is 10. And you can get the number immediately. Besides, you can move to the cell to check whether the result is right.Check the Result

Using VLOOKUP Function

  1. Forst click a blank cell.
  2. Then input the formula: =VLOOKUP(“David”,B2:C31,2,FALSE). And in this formula, the area B2:C31 is selected. And the C column is the math scores. And the “col_index_num” is 2 in this area. So the return value will be in the column C. What’s more, if you want to know other scores, you should select a larger area and change the “col_index_num”.Input VLOOKUP Function
  3. Then press the key “Enter”. And then Paul’s math score will appear in the cell.The Math Score


Actually, the 3 methods focus on different cells. And below is the contrast of the three methods:



Find Feature MATCH Function VLOOKUP Function
Launch method UI operation Formula or VBA Formula or VBA
Complexity Very Easy Easy Complex
Result Cursor will be located at the found cell Relative Position of the matched cell Value corresponding to the matched cell

And in your actual worksheet, you may choose the method according to your need.

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