3 Ways to Prevent Word from Auto Creating Hyperlinks

Word automatically parses a website or email address as hyperlinks. But what if we do not want such a feature? In this article, we mainly focus on 3 ways to prevent Word from auto creating hyperlinks.

Sometimes, when you copy and paste a website or email address to your Word documents, you will find that Word automatically switches them into hyperlinked format. However, chances are that you may not want such auto-add function on some occasions. In view of this, we will introduce 3 different methods to achieve that as we shall soon see below.

1.Immediate Solution to Remove the Auto-Added Hyperlinks

When you insert a website or email address to your Word documents, Word will change them into hyperlinks automatically. However, there is a simple way to reverse it: press “Ctrl+Z” on your keyboard, then you will see the hyperlink returns to normal texts.

2. Using “Proofing” Feature in Word Option.

What if you want to apply it to the entire Word document, so that next herein we outlined the steps you should follow to carry it out:

  1. Click “File” menu, and then select “Options”.Click "File" and "Options"
  1. In the subsequent pop-up window, select “Proofing”, and then click “AutoCorrect Option”.Click “AutoCorrect Option”
  2. Switch to “AutoFormat” page, click the tick before option “Internet and network paths with hyperlinks”, then you will see the tick in the box is canceled.Switch to “AutoFormat” page
  1. Switch to “AutoFormat As You Type” page, again we click the tick before option “Internet and network paths with hyperlinks”, and then click “OK”. Until now, next time you insert a website or email address to your Word file, you will not get an auto-added hyperlink.Switch to "AutoFormat As You Type“

3. Remove the Previously Added Hyperlinks

Further, you may wish to get rid of other hyperlinks on your word document. To solve this problem, you just need to select the targeted hyperlinks, and then press combination key”Ctrl+Shift+F9”, you will then find the previous hyperlinks have been switched to normal texts.

How to Deal with Word Malfunctions

Word is an excellent word processing tool, which allows for the creation of both simple and sophisticated documents. However, it is a pity that Word is extremely prone to corruptions. We often find that our word documents refuse to open, or that error messages keep cropping up. Therefore, I recommend that you can use some powerful tools to recover word, which will scan and restore data from your document, and recover the maximum data possible.

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