3 Vital Tips for DIY Data Recovery via Software

People always panic when coming across data disasters. Thus they might readily trust in some unprofessional software to attempt data recovery and eventually receive bad results. To prevent those tragedies, we will provide 3 important tricks to help you perform a successful DIY data recovery by utilizing software.

Various data disasters occur every day around the world among individuals and businesses. And in common situations, a majority of people would like to choose a third party tool to settle down the problem, like selecting a pst repair tool to resolve the Outlook data corruption. However, the results are not always satisfactory. Therefore, here we will offer some dos and don’ts to help you increase the chance of successful data recovery by using an application.

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1. Consider whether software can solve the problem

At the very outset, you ought to figure out whether your case can be fixed by software other than a technical specialist. You can refer to following situations which can be resolved by powerful third party tools in general.

  • Delete the files by mistake.
  • Format the hard drives accidentally.
  • Empty the computer recycle bin mistakenly.
  • Data get corrupt by power failure or power surge.
  • Problems with partition, like deleting the partition incautiously, repartitioning the computer incorrectly, being infected by virus and etc.
  • Problems with computer file system, like inability to open word documents somehow.

2. Choose an effective third party tool

After checking the problems, you should pay more attention to this step. As there are countless similar tools in the market, if you choose an untrusted product, then you may face a risky situation of losing the vital data forever. Now check whether the tool can meet the following criteria.


You should choose a reputable company and do not trust those businesses which attract customers by low prices.


Unscrupulous companies will reveal your data for profit. Then you may suffer more serious loss in future.

3.Easy to use

Intuitional interface and easy operations are basically needed in good tools. Complicated operation and interface will increase the possibility of making mistakes.

3. 3 no-nos you must know before the process

Here are 3 prohibitions you must know, which can also affect the success of your data recovery.

1.Stop writing data to the storage device

If you still continue to perform new operations and write new data to the target device, then the new data will cover your original data totally.

2.Do not restart the computer frequently

Restarting the computer system repeatedly will generate data, which will have a certain impact on the integrity of the later data recovery.

3.Do not utilize several repair tools at the same time

Installing several tools to attempt a recovery will generate data as well, which can cover the original data too.

Author Introduction:

Allissa Shen is a data recovery expert in DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including repair mdf problem and word recovery software products. For more information visit www.datanumen.com


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